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  1. filiander

    No Discusion about advertising?

    Thats my point.
  2. filiander

    No Discusion about advertising?

    I am on with mobil, cant press ctrl+f5
  3. filiander

    No Discusion about advertising?

    Thanks for answering. No. I will not stop addblocker. So this thread is not for me. But I think: Implementing advertising in this game is the worst idea Inno ever had. They get money for every click and our nervs will get killed.
  4. filiander

    No Discusion about advertising?

    https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/advertisements-in-the-game.18714/unread I cant reach this side. All other but not this. Why is it blocked
  5. filiander

    Discussion Mama Juul's Fusion Feast

    F...... awfull. Bad building. Bad chances to win dailys BBadchances to get good items in the gameboard , by changing hhief hats. What else to say?
  6. filiander

    Fixed [44326] Login not possible (app version)

    Its monday. Where is the fix?
  7. filiander

    Question I need help with my bumbelbee

    I need to build my bumbelbee. Therefor I need 2 things. At first someone who wants to give runeshard in change. If he wants to have runeshards for an other wonder in change, maybe I can help. I have more than 200 runeshards for bumblebee for example. At second I need quickfiller to fill the...
  8. filiander

    Game performance?

    Cant come into game with my mobil. It is starting but the fsult message tells me thst someting is missing. I can write and I can do all other things, so is not my internet
  9. filiander

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    There is no daily reward. I'm not sure to get the building to stage 10 also I have fed the Ashen Kakadu for this event the first time
  10. filiander

    Discussion The Buried City

    Can it be, that there is someting wrong? Game us freezing after a few minutes at browser, FF, Windows10 But aapart of that, I really like the donkeys near the city. The pictures during loading the different pages are great, too And the evo you get is in chapter 18 or 19 a great building, I think.
  11. filiander

    Any info on Winter Magic Event?

    There is no button for update. That's really great. Announcement says that we need update 1.41 and it will be released separately. No announcements when it will be released, no excuses for the app players that they didnt release the new Version. Yes I really like the Inno employees. What is...
  12. filiander

    Not a Bug Cannot open winter magic on mobile

    If this is no bug, what is it then? A start without checking, if all players have the chance to play? That is a terrible deal with us. But is that new? Don't think so.:mad:
  13. filiander

    Not a Bug Cannot open winter magic on mobile

    If I searched App Update to 1.41 with firefox, too. Couldnt find it
  14. filiander

    Any info on Winter Magic Event?

    I play with Android and at german google play is no update available for me.
  15. filiander

    Not a Bug Cannot open winter magic on mobile

    But I play Androit. I cant find the update at google play.
  16. filiander

    Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    That is the poorest announcement, you ever made. It only says: Perks are there. No explanation, no examples, NOTHING Realy? That shall be an announcement?
  17. filiander

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Hey it is as always on beta. Look the first 5 or 6 writtings in this thread. They never ever announced the GA on beta quiet in right time. So there is nothing new and nothing worse than befor.
  18. filiander

    Discussion Tournament changes

    I have to agree to @Damon13s and @MstrBengals . I cant find a situation, where rolling relics are better, than the fix tournament relics. This change is totally unnessacary and uninteresting for me, because I have all relics to boost my goods fully, but it is totally bad for And the second...
  19. filiander

    Duplicate Game Error again

    After writing, I only was thrown out 1 time. Now I play for nearly 30 minutes without problem. Maybe it only was a bad start.
  20. filiander

    Duplicate Game Error again

    I play at APP and at the browser. Win10 newest FF HTML5 And the Problem is there again. I was thrown put of the game from both platforms several times.