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  1. Elvenar Fan Art

    @Konys did you see this
  2. Discussion Season of Dreams

    From my prior experience as an "ALPHA" tester, I know that it seems like it should get to "BETA" more refined. However, that is not how it worked in my prior game experience, a first-person shooter and a Navel Strategy game. In both cases the "ALPHA" testing was to assess if it broke the game or...
  3. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    It must be my way of doing things that I have never been out of Runes and I am almost always at 10 shards and all I get from the tourney get lost mostly. I do agree that now that the ability to get Runes prior to the Wonder could be a more pressing issue to consider, but you would get more...
  4. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    I guess I have never had that issue of not having enough runes for the wonders when needed.
  5. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    I noticed this line "But that's not all! The Sleepy Titan, an expiring building that produces Broken Shard's, has its comeback on both prize lanes!" So we get a building that makes Shards when we are still capped at 10 and would appear to be a most useless building except for its use as Spell...
  6. Release Notes version 1.163

    Agree strange as the Live server is going to 1.163 Thursday
  7. Answered Need to report a player in the us server

    FYI you can send a ticket to support from the US server account for your forum issues. But, I am afraid that not much can be done in this case. I am sure if the person was confronted it would be "I was joking" as an excuse or response