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  1. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    So you are just comparing 500 to 550. And (say) 700 to 750 and saying former is better. I just see both as 50 addition. Can’t debate with the secondary effects on AWs. I like the mana from da etc.,
  2. Tournament squad size calc - we need your data!

    Go to the actual city layout and check reports for aw levels. Or use thrones of high men on app, even if not built :)
  3. Discussion Release Notes version 1.113

    I’m an elf. I just have to use time instants differently. Welcome this change.
  4. Tournament squad size calc - we need your data!

    Variables are for ease of use. In case Inno rebalances, it’s easy to meddle with them. Even Cal is an intermediate variable that gets lost into the formula / end result.
  5. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they make AWs undeletable and give anti-kp from tournaments to downgrade AWs.
  6. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I’m just exhausted. Not entertained.
  7. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    It looks interesting if you break it into pieces. But for an overall city, of reasonable expansions, the entire weekly production and sum of catering 20 provinces, 6 rounds will be way off limits.
  8. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I’d predict the next chapter to have something to do about this. Probably AWs. But yeah, it’s a challenge to stay until next chapter
  9. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    No. You get punished for it.
  10. Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    Do you mean to say the bases are appearing again for crafting. and it appears even if you have 1 in city? can anyone confirm please.
  11. Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Please quit the cat and mouse game Marindor. The game doesn’t irritate me per say, than the dishonesty/ misleading wordings. (from mountain hall output to your current statement) Is it too difficult to be clear and precise.
  12. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    Also should check if weights have been added to different AWs.
  13. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    I’m ready to stall my city and change one parameter at a time. if 10-20 of us do that, I’m sure we can figure most/almost all the variables.
  14. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    Probably re worked? Would me nice if slightly different combos occur. Can spend some time re-strategising.
  15. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    When I realized how much exactly mountain hall added to goods, the very first time, I felt totally cheated. Also sanctuary that said 104.5% was 4.5% in addition ... Honesty was never part of the package.
  16. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    Thanks. Just wanted to confirm that with the re-worked model this week. I don’t want to be double punished for doing them.
  17. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    Though multiple solutions can be found for curve fitting (aka data) we can figure out the exact dependency by changing one parameter at a time and checking next week SS. Please don’t underestimate our optimization specialists. And the coke example. But here things can be quantified and not...
  18. Discussion Release Notes version 1.111

    The reason is every other factor is multiplicative. I believe tech tree is the monster - as techs completed is one big number PS : @MinMax Gamer @Dony interested to know if optional techs are still discounted from costs.That info can help us decide whether to do those optical SS tech (optional...
  19. Damage bug in manual combat

    I’m starting to suspect : do boosters buildings actually do what they are supposed to and to the correct %. we never know auto battling.
  20. Discussion Sorcerers' Pilgrimage

    Art has always been 5* Probably Inno is right brained. Very artistic but 0 logic ;) PS : (Really wish their game balancing department aspire to meet the high standards set by the art department)