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  1. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Is the format of the FA really more likely to change last minute due to technical issues than the date, which is announced a few days in advance ?
  2. Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    That's still luck though, just not at the same place
  3. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    More likely doing just orange for a fellowship where And that's what I like with the new FA map. Before it was only workshop and T1 production badges so whatever path you chose you always had to fill your city with level 1 buildings. Here the paths feel more different, with the orange best...
  4. Discussion Tournament changes

    Actually there is a (marginal) use of boosted relics above 500, which is levelling Ancient wonders. But for some reason in 2019 (chapter 14 release) they thought "nah, boosted relics should be useless above 500" and decided to make the new wonders need no boosted relics.
  5. Discussion Tournament changes

    I'm getting confused with all that's being said... can anyone post the exact rewards for each province ?
  6. Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Goods needed for settlement buildings and upgrades depend on your boosted good (ascended boost +1 for portal and +2 for other buildings).
  7. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    Yes, in January they changed chapter 1 storyline to give time instants...
  8. Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    But there's also written "top 50%"... and 70 seems extremely low for the last tier. Maybe numbers will move up as more players advance in the event.
  9. Spire Library set pieces...

    Spire artifacts cycle every 6 weeks, while in 2019 there were much less than 1 event every 6 weeks (6 weeks is 3 event weeks + 1 nothing week + 1 FA week + 1 nothing week, I'd have to check if it's what we have now or an even faster rate) so Spire artifacts are cycling faster than events. With...
  10. Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Interestingly, Minerals are in high demand in my live server too. I wonder if it's just a coincidence or Spire set hitting once again. Spire set produces Gum, which creates an imbalance in the sentient trades. This could have resulted in more Gum-boosted players leaving before reaching chapter...
  11. Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    What creates rare goods for the community overall is trades requesting rare goods (let's say, offering B and requesting A) that are not taken. Good A will be given to the trade poster and no one gas to give them, so Good A is created. On the other hand, an equal amount of Good B is destroyed as...
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Yes, may tree event had no FA
  13. User Interface Chapter 18 - multiple merchant trading

    Currently when we want to trade ascended goods with several merchants we have to open each merchant and select th goods to trade on each merchant. (On app at least) My suggestion would be to add a feature to start trades with the same goods with all unlocked merchants at once, similar to what...
  14. New Game Features Search function for inventory

    +1. Always a pain to search for the combt buildings every 1-2 weeks
  15. New Game Features Artifact Fragments

    This ! The spire actually broke the balance everywhere : Dwarven Armorers, along with other combat building from Crafting (that has been made easy by... the Spire) were so strong that people could do crazy scores in tournaments with near no losses. After the tournament rework, they're now...
  16. Fixed [35735] Inaccurate amount of resources in top menu

    Well, how many times did they make the mistake on event quests end not corresponding to remaining days ?
  17. Discussion Release Notes version 1.126

    Keep in mind two productions completely change at level 24 though.
  18. Fixed [35562] Different amount of T4 received from Watchful Winter Owl than shown on collection

    On FR forum, there was a bug report about about Pyramid of Purification not giving senntient goods for Witch's Hut orcs. This was considered as "not a bug" because the orc production was a bonus production (base production being frogs) and you can't get a bonus on a bonus. Here Owl's sentient...
  19. Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    Actually it will take much more than a couple of years because they keep introducing new evolvjng buildings. They are releasing ~7 evolving buildings per year (carnival, phoenix, one in late spring, one in summer, bear, halloween and christmas) and 8.67 buildings can cycle in the spire in a year...
  20. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    This. In my second city (chapter 16, silk-boosted) I can regularly take all scrolls for silk trades (there's usully not more than 1-2 pages.) But I currently have 3.7m+ scrolls and increasing, it's been my highest goods stock (even more than my boosted goods) probably for a year. (The world...