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  1. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    I just spent a lot of points on the event. I re-rolled twice. I won two "Sorcerers Gathering" that don't show up in my inventory. Happened to anyone else?
  2. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Honestly? The best INNO can do is wipe out AF... We're sick of it! Create new, short and relaxing events only once a month with small prizes and an artifact at the end.. Improve the prizes of big events. Stop putting in the FA the possibility of winning artifacts. It's very tiring having to...
  3. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Bad change! They traded simple missions, which yielded money and supplies, for nothing. We have to do 4 missions to get a 10 minute boost... Only those who spend diamonds win buildings... Horrible!
  4. Confirmed [42015] Can't visit neighbours/provinces

    I have the same problem and I can assure you that there is no way to make the visits anyway...
  5. Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2022

    Does anyone have a list of quests?
  6. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    Event remains expensive. It didn't help to reduce from 5 to 4 coins. The set of buildings is too weak for the space it takes up and for the effort that must be made to get it. The prizes for combinations of 1 and 2 rubies are ridiculous. I definitely won't spend a single item from my city on the...
  7. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    Sorry! My browser was automatically translating. A detestable event because it is slow, abusively expensive and has an unreachable return.. Earn 10 coins to use twice and earn junk? The best figurines will hardly appear. I'm not going to waste my time starting this in BR.
  8. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    evento detestável! Edit SyreArca: (translation) "hateful event!" Please see community manager comment below.