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  1. Fixed [37955] Error for Neighborly Help

    I'm not able to provide World help. The attached popup occurs. When acknowledged, the game downloads again, and is opened in the city view.
  2. Not a Bug Missing reward from tournament

    Is the attached picture of the tournament reward normal?
  3. Fellowships Fellowship game play

    For personal reasons, I left a msg with the fellowship that I wouldn't be playing for the foreseeable future. When i retuned to play the game I noticed that chats were cleared and there was only one msg in mail. I also noticed I wasn't in a fellowship too. I msg'd the archmage to find out why...
  4. Incomplete Quest display

    The text for displaying the quest notes needs help.
  5. Duplicate Chat is down

    Broke on Firefox, Windows 7 Pro
  6. Duplicate Enemy avatars are missing

    Using an iPad to play the game and when selecting the fight, some of the avatars are missing.
  7. Not a Bug Fellowship Invitation

    It looks like the player is asking to join. So why can't I accept it.
  8. Not a Bug Fellowship Invitation

    I'm a mage in our fellowship. There are several aspirants wanting to join, but for some reason, I'm not able to accept or invite anyone.
  9. Fixed [33442] Barracks units blinking and wrong timers

    Try logging out and back in. That cleared the count for me, as well as added the troops to the barracks.
  10. Shortcuts

    Entering "/who" (without quotes) in the chat window displays the players in your fellowship that are currently online. What other shortcuts are available?
  11. Fixed [32674] World map missing assets

    I was just about to look for this error, glad others are seeing the same thing...I thought I needed to have my eyes checked
  12. Fixed [TECH-5353] Airships event - no more crystals around the city

    i received 6 fuel cells. only after i closed a tab under firefox which was playing a standard elvenar game.