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  1. Answered is beta broken?

    i can't log on on my phone or on my pc.
  2. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    The work around has worked for both my cities
  3. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    Try logging in on a pc then log out and try your phone again. That's what I did and its working for me now
  4. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    i am on version 1.165.2-f7673c-256 android and the game is working now.
  5. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    it is visible now. not sure what happened but in both cities on android it wasnt there.
  6. Discussion Secrets of Alchemy

    Ummmm, nothing of the game is displayed in my city. No event quests, no game board, just the art work when logging in.
  7. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    My complaint is that coins can't be produced at an enhanced rate unlike the other resources. Yes the EE increases culture boost but its a minimal increase and you cant use timers to speed up production. I am ch 5 and I'm producing 1.5 badges daily utilising all sources. Inno has taken away the...
  8. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    How is everyone going with the coin bags? It seems like an insane amount of bags required on the maps in general. I know we're really struggling but how are others doing?
  9. Fixed [42726] Winter Magic Reroll not possible

    Can confirm this happens on mobile too.
  10. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Yes, it was really weeks and weeks. When the map bug first appeared I checked the forum here and saw it had been reported. I checked back a couple of times for an update on a fix but nothing. I went thru a FA without access to my neighbours. When a fix was available there was no notification...
  11. Discussion Season of Dreams

    I'm really frustrated by Inno's rigid response to bugs that disadvantage players. Their firm "we don't reimburse for losses on beta" lacks nuance. I got that stupid 'complete a winter event quest' on the first day and couldn't complete it and now I'm permanently disadvantaged by 5 petals. Tough...
  12. Confirmed [42727] Winter Magic Daily Exclusive gives wrong reward

    I noticed that in my game it told me I won light melee troop instant instead of the daily but when I checked my inventory I did actually receive the right prize.
  13. Beta server is in trouble

    Not only kp reduced. Spire & tourney are massively delayed so players must rely on quests for resources (very bad advice to decline them). Also, new tech tree cities don't have cycling requests to gain coin & supplies like the other cities. Your advice to climb the spire is moot given Im not ch...
  14. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I had heard the story about the Mr - peeps talk about it like an urban legend :)
  15. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    I have never known Inno to compensate players even when blatantly unfair. Consider that 100 event currency costs 500 diamonds but the player could conceivably be left with a decent portion that cannot be used if the lowest chest is more than the remnants. I bought EC once and was left with a...
  16. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    This was my thinking exactly! What is the purpose of removing chances of getting the most expensive piece to make? Am I mistaken in thinking NONE of the pieces can be disassembled?
  17. Discussion A Gateway into the Past

    Both my beta cities are on quest 66 and after spending all chips I have 178 & 176 red stones. My "strategy" is simply to build whatever is asked for in the third slot (which always gives 3 or 4 gems). My board is always nearly empty because I keep drawing & combining until I have the piece I...
  18. Beta server is in trouble

    I really like the mini game idea. I sometimes play hidden object games which feature mini games that stay available (but with no additional prize) once you've solved them. Imagine how much more interesting elvenar would be if you had something like that here.
  19. Beta server is in trouble

    It's the opposite imo. It's now so slow & boring. Each day is just the chore of collecting goods and fulfilling quest requirements. Without tourney & spire there's nothing to do, events are far more limited because its impossible to get spell frags or huge numbers of relics event quests ask for.