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  1. Discussion The Cauldron

    40k means +100% bonus and +100% duration, with aprox 20% critical ( for total 300% duration = (base +100%) x1.5). Is it expensive? Yes, it is Is it questionable to being able to afford to spend such quantities weekly? Yes, it is Once already spending 4000 Witch Points in the potion, is a way of...
  2. Discussion The Cauldron

    The effects improved with the inversion of SpellFrag, right? So it seems it is worth it
  3. Discussion The Great Excavation

    Waiting to see End-Game players opening Support cases... EDIT:
  4. City Aureate Phoenix and Storm Phoenix Feeding Time extension and Panda review

    Please @Vaeri, did we get any feedback on this suggestion? It has been already a month since it was forwarded
  5. Discussion Season of Dreams

    If it were in the weekly mission, at least we could reroll it...
  6. Discussion Season of Dreams

    I think I would prefer all missions based on events (Tournament, Spire, Events...) to be moved to Weekly missions (quantities would need to be adjusted) this way it would be easier to organize, avoid lockdowns...
  7. User Interface Add Spire and Tourney Bank totals to main fellowship page.

    @Vaeri @Deadeye Jerry , any news on this topic? This was requested some time ago. It would be very helpful to have that info in the FS Perks tab, please.
  8. City Increase AW maximum level

    [Reserved for some number examples] I mean, the cost are already huge from 25 to 30, but at least some real beneficts are awarded. Below some examples Golden Abyss Upgrading from 30 to 35 requires 8600KP and provides a Gold production increase of +0.6%MHCapacity/3h. No population increase. As...
  9. City Increase AW maximum level

    - Please, I would like to request to increase AW maximum level. Right now, most of them has a 35 level cap, effective 30 as not all bonus are increased for those last 5 levels. At least level 40 should be possible and bonus progression should be same as already for past 30 levels... - A lot of...
  10. Discussion The Cauldron

    Good to know!
  11. Discussion The Cauldron

    Correct me If I am wrong , chapter 17 => 12 diplomas? With those numbers , probably it is good idea to spend 10k to 40k Spell Fragments to improve both Bonus and Duration...
  12. Discussion Season of Dreams

    Ok, just one hint. It seems Seasons rewards are tipped to combat Considerations: TeamSpirit Chapter, lvl31 Manufactories, lvl21 Merc Camp (sorry the snapshoots I have are from Live server) a1) 138000 T3 => 138000 * (Prod 9h 53800 tools/ 13440 T3) = 552411 tools a2) 138000 T3 => 138000 * (Prod...
  13. Discussion The Cauldron

    Ok, I had to prepare a small table to be able to fully understand it. Now I see that spending SpellFragments does also increase the Bonus. Spell Fragments Normal Bonus Normal Duration Critical Probability Critical Bonus Critical Duration 0k 0-100% 0-100% 0% --- --- 10k 0-150% 0-150%...
  14. Discussion The Cauldron

    I hoped it would affect both Bonus and Duration. I mean, after spending such amounts of resources, I expected something less ... weak... Only 1x MAX bonus and 1.5x MAX duration... ...and to have 50% critical we would need to expend 165k Spell Fragments (that are 165 000, ... a lot of weeks of...
  15. Not a Bug [Cauldron]T3 Ingredient12 factor

    Also, It seems Ingredient9 for Orc effect should be value -1 instead of current factor -1 EDIT: Also added snapshot for first post.
  16. Discussion The Cauldron

    What about Orcs boost (Shrine of the Champions, Heroes Forge) , Seeds boost (Sunset Towers, Elvenar Trade Center, ), Unurium boost (Vallorian Seal, Temple of Spirits )....? Also, Mana boost & Dragon Abbey/Ener's Embassy?
  17. Discussion The Cauldron

  18. Discussion The Cauldron

    Ok, I just wasted 20k, testing it. Each failed attempt refunds 2k , so it is correct 1/10
  19. Discussion The Cauldron

    Quick question, how many SpellFragments are refunded per failed brewing? I mean if 20k are spent, how many should the system return per failed attempt?