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  1. Mykan

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Actually biggest complaint I saw was, the random luck which meant some players got lots of daily prizes while another none for the same investment. Does this mean we might see different types of event during the next year? Or are we waiting for a much longer time frame for this "new" style to...
  2. Mykan

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Still very early in the event but initial impressions are: Pros same quest cannot repeat (depending on your luck this can be good or bad) free prizes different mechanic Cons Removal of level based event buildings - I liked this feature as it let my town stay in shape, quests just needed...
  3. Mykan

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    That's why a lot of people don't go that far in spire. The costs ramp up but the prizes are the same, for many that just isn't worth it.
  4. Mykan

    [Battle] New Set-Buildings ?

    There is a general lack of variety in sets anyway. This is asking for variety, the devs will interpret that as they will.
  5. Mykan

    Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

  6. Mykan

    Do You Think Heroes Forge and Shrewdy Shrooms Should Replace Armories?

    With that approach you will want to prioritize bulwark over shrooms due to how their bonus is calculated. you will need to investigate your own situation as to when and how much to push one over the other. Both also offer free troops which is handy. In terms of orcs I have only heard players...
  7. Mykan

    Do You Think Heroes Forge and Shrewdy Shrooms Should Replace Armories?

    You can always test it, with teleport spell it is minimal risk to drop down try it out and see if it suits you. In terms of only using orcs for negotiation you need to consider: How many orcs do you spend on negotiating - this is impacted by scouting strategy and frequency of negotiating How...
  8. Mykan

    Do You Think Heroes Forge and Shrewdy Shrooms Should Replace Armories?

    That increase is based on armoury levels so you will want some armouries, otherwise look into bulwark.
  9. Mykan

    [AW] Additional kp buttons for wonders

    10kp should be enough. good for when you have a kp spell on or on specific tournament days with lots of KP coming in.
  10. Mykan

    Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    With the invitation from the constructs to visit unur when we are ready I would think the end was still a little way off. vortex could always give some portal profits. But I can't see it been useful as portal caps are always higher then tech requirements, not to mention PP spells are more...
  11. Mykan

    [Events] Add colour to the paths on the FA map

    I like this, simple enough but visually makes a big difference.
  12. Mykan

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Personally the new spell isn't needed and removes some challenge from the game, doesn't bother me having it there for others (so much for previous Q&A's saying it won't happen). It does however make perfect sense now why the spire is so hard and costly. I don't think the spell is that worthwhile...
  13. Mykan

    Pet Food reduced to 0 ??

    Considering the issue was likely not getting recipes they want, its a shame they dropped pet food. Reducing the cycle to 6hrs and removing the recipes they have all would have helped. I am crafting pet food on live every time I see it.
  14. Mykan

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.88

    Generally like the changes as they seem to be in the right direction. The drop in timer is great and hopefully will solve or even out those in "poor" timezones. The reduction in pet food has me concerned: I don't find these come up too often so less recipes could make it harder to get them...
  15. Mykan

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    @Marindor Are you able to answer if skipping squad size techs is still a big advantage for spire? This is obviously a sore point for players in tournaments and I am curious if the same has followed here? Or perhaps there are plans to address this? One can only assume/expect this to be the case...
  16. Mykan

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I am currently ambivalent about this current FA. I have a great fellowship and we will discuss our approach to this on and vote prior to it starting. I expect the new quest system will reduce the drag a bit. That said there are some obvious (to me) reasons why people feel the burnout from event...
  17. Mykan

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    What information do you have to support your conclusion? I am curious about the mechanics. Does anyone know if spire squad sizes are also based on your researched squad size or is it something different?
  18. Mykan

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Yet to see the actual impact of the update but all those changes sound good.:D
  19. Mykan

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    My town on beta is in fairies currently and I basically stopped tournament play so I could focus on spire. I have managed to get to the second map twice but there has been a lot of luck as I run out of troops very quickly and am having to convince most of the time, basically 100% on the second...
  20. Mykan

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.85

    or have it act like a toggle between the 2 leaving space for a 3rd filter for cross-tier. As we can never trade normal for sentient goods it really is irrelevant to be able to see both normal and sentient at the same time, it serves no function:rolleyes: great to finally see a filter for one of...