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  1. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic

    I wonder how many people is using those special promotions in events (like current event currency outpost or any other packages with event currency itself) and buying them. It seems so undervalued for it´s prize, especially after infinite quests implementation so I´m really worried about if...
  2. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic

    @Karvest according to announcement you should only get 2x more event currency returned.
  3. iDavis

    Not a Bug [29400] Winter Magic - quest condition doesnt make sense

    I got this quest today, started completing it with T2, then collected one steel manufactory and it's production didn't count.
  4. iDavis

    Confirmed [29396] Event background music combined with classic sounds

    Game version: v1.93-beta.8-(079cf83) (2019-11-14 14:39) HTML5 Yes/No: No Game world: Beta 1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: Firefox 70.0.1 Flash Player version: Version Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10 Screen resolution: 1920*1080 Account name: iDavis Humans or Elves...
  5. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Guys, I just launched PC version and.. am really surprised! Event music is running in the background. :eek: Thank you! Been waiting for this very long. PS: Maybe they forgot to turn classic sounds off, since in the beginning of new christmas track there is something winter-related to hear, what...
  6. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic

    @ashrem @Karvest that's true. But the chance can be increased a little bit by "Show two" item - it can whether show daily prize, or "Reshuffle" item (so we can pick it later). In best scenario both - so we can pick daily prize and immidiately reshuffle the board.
  7. iDavis

    Not a Bug No Ribbons on the Edge of town

    If you just logged in to account first time during event, it's usual that event currency doesn't occur there. Need to wait for a while.
  8. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic

    I hope there is always a 100% chance to get Reshuffle in the set of presents. Otherwise it would make disadvantage for diamonds players. I don't see a problem with 1 daily reward per set of presents, it's at least 100% chance I'll get it. And am pretty curious what is the current system of...
  9. iDavis

    Discussion Winter Magic

    I really like new endless quest line limitations and also appreciate we finally have some new machanic in event. :)
  10. iDavis

    Fellowships Fellowship Adventure - Universal Artifacts

    Against. Universal artifact is an artifact´s magic heist. Also has been discussed during last QnA and doesn´t seem like they are going to implement this any time soon (hopefully).
  11. iDavis

    Confirmed [29218] Disturbing Sound

    The problem occurs as soon as player´s actions result in changing background music in the game. Let´s note few examples, which I meet most often: Getting to the city from the world map - this leads to changing music from world_map_music to city_background_music. Despite the fact that change...
  12. iDavis

    Confirmed [29218] Disturbing Sound

    One of players from our community created event related video, where is pretty visible how does that sound look like. It´s here, go to 1:40:50 and listen game sounds and music for 1-2 minutes.
  13. iDavis

    Confirmed [29218] Disturbing Sound

    Firefox 70.0.1, Windows 10 (newest verison 1903).
  14. iDavis

    Confirmed [29218] Disturbing Sound

    @Theodore just wait longer. Let´s try it today at 16:00 when Spire round begins, log in to the game (with already turned music on), notice a music begins, then close Spire Intro window, wait for a while and you will hear more tracks are running in the same time. This also happens when you´re...
  15. iDavis

    Confirmed [29218] Disturbing Sound

    I do and experience the same issue. This actually happens when the game automatically turns the music on - for example after closing Event Intro window (for tournament, spire, or any event), also in tournaments, when changing from battle screen to world map and vice versa. This lead the game to...
  16. iDavis

    Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    @Jaxom whilst I agree with your conflict opinion, I want to point out that in case of spire, it depends. For instance me - I like gambling aspect about spire and how it makes variance about different prices and costs every week.
  17. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    @Lovec Krys I would rather go with compromise - cutting a part of event rewards and putting that to other event types.
  18. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I feel a need to mention, that the reason why players are upset with rewards FA offers, is high likely caused by event standards players got used to in last 2 big events. Maybe it's another reason to consider some rebalancing across multiple event types which game offers.
  19. iDavis

    Other Elvenar-themed smilies

    If we had some combination of humans - elves smilies on forum, I would definitely like and prefer them to current ones. So I like this idea, but I´m not sure, how is the chance of getting this implemented, since it´s not so much game related.
  20. iDavis

    Discussion Private Messages on Mobile

    Like it. Except those green texts which are very difficult to read on white background (even on brown background it is difficult and there it looks also pretty ugly).