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  1. LArsouille

    What is "testing" celebration ??? a new event ???

    Elvenar's birthday is MAY 31 ... What are we going to test from MAY 18 at 7 am ? until 31 May ???? @Marindor
  2. LArsouille

    Not a Bug Not spring seeds in the Mystical Object ?

    Game version: 1.104 HTML5 Yes/No: Yes Game world: Béta 1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome Flash Player version: No Operating System or Mobile Device: MAC Os Catalyna Screen resolution: Account name: Biloutte91 Humans or Elves: Elves A bug or not a bug ?
  3. LArsouille

    Cannot reproduce No spring Seeds since 17:00 this day

    Version du jeu: 1.104 HTML5 Oui / Non: Oui Monde de jeu: Béta 1 Version navigateur / IOS / Android +: Chrome Version de Flash Player: Non Système d'exploitation ou appareil mobile: Mac Os Catalyna Résolution d'écran: Nom du compte: Biloutte91 Humains ou Elfes: Elfes Reproductibilité :? / 5...
  4. LArsouille

    Confirmed [31389] Chapter flags without names

    Some chapters are no names :eek::eek::eek:
  5. LArsouille

    Happy New Year

    Nobody said Happy New Year, here ? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I say: happy new year for you, your family and your friends :):):)
  6. LArsouille


    Hello guys, when is the same polishing system on PC as on tablet and smartphone ??????? 2021 ???????
  7. LArsouille

    Fixed [29817] Speak not english ^^

    This morning on béta
  8. LArsouille

    Cannot reproduce Server Error

    Game version: 1.94 HTML5 Yes/No: Yes Game world: Béta Browser/IOS/Android + version: iOS Operating System or Mobile Device: Chrome Screen resolution: ? Account name: LArsouille Humans or Elves: Humans Reproducibility: Screenshots of the bug: (add as many screenshots as you need) Tomorrow...
  9. LArsouille


    Hello, in my city, the summer decor is gone, is it normal? no more rising waters for the new guest race ? :(:(:(:(:( PS: StoneHedge in recipes in the Magic Academy ;) ;)
  10. LArsouille

    Duplicate A bug or no a bug ?

    there is not % in the boost ... a bug or not a bug ? that is the question ^^