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  1. Mykan

    Other Guaranteed Chest reward from visits

    Background: 2 wonders (with new race) will provide benefits from chests found while visiting neighbours New mobile (and hopefully soon browser) visits are fast but you do not need to enter a town so do not obtain a chest from visits. Idea: Have the chest appear automatically after a fixed set...
  2. Mykan

    Goods from flourishing Nut cave not counting towards quest

    Game version: v1.45-(6003f3039) (2017-12-19 13:06) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome Account name: Mykan Humans or Elves: Elves Chapter: 6 Dwarves Reproducibility: _1/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 = happens randomly; 3/5 = happens sometimes; 4/5 = happens often, but not...
  3. Mykan

    New forum smiles

    @Marindor Its great to see some elvenar themed smiles. Looks like blueprints was forgotten. It seems to be just as elusive in the forums as they are in-game ;) Are there plans to add other things to the list down the track? Like other generic resources (mana, orcs) or guest race stuff?
  4. Mykan

    Fixed Wiki has wrong portrait for Maze of Dark matter

    Not exactly a text error but unsure where else to report this. Just built the Maze of dark matter today and the portrait is not what is on the wiki. The portrait in the game is the one showing for Dragon Abbey. I assume these are just switched on the wiki.
  5. Mykan

    User Interface Display AW levels in AW overview

    Summary Add AW levels to AW overview screen. Description In the wonder overview screen in your town it would be useful to see the level of the wonders, if a wonder is ready to upgrade, how many runes for each wonder and the number of broken runes. The screenshot below provides a graphical...
  6. Mykan

    [Fellowships] Fellowship building

    While there is a version of this idea in the archives it was suggested by Marindor to post again with a concise concept that could be forwarded. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the idea. Idea That we have a fellowship building, ("Monument") that we can collective build and level...
  7. Mykan

    Quests Quest overhaul

    Idea spawned from comments by @SoggyShorts, @Midnightsidhe and @Bobbykitty Current situation Currently there are 2 quests lines, one for the main story and one for repeatable and triggered quests. We also occasionally gain event quests. Issues There are current concerns regarding the...
  8. Mykan

    Battle [Battle] Combat screen difficulty displayed

    Summary Implement an indication about how difficult a battle will be, before starting it. Description Understanding the difficulty of a fight based on squad size of our troops verse the enemy helps players to understand how achievable a certain fight should be. It is also a pain/difficult for...
  9. Mykan

    Mercenary camp

    The mercenary camp was 4x4 and I read it is now 3x6. For those who had built this prior to the update what happened to your building? Did it just delete, auto resize, something else?