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  1. Angedev

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Don't say that or they will do it :eek::D
  2. Angedev

    Discussion Winter Magic

    @salandrine : it's automaticly done
  3. Angedev

    Not a Bug [29400] Winter Magic - quest condition doesnt make sense

    You probably have to collect bigger part than you have already collected (the same like with encounters and tournament encounters).
  4. Angedev

    Not a Bug [29400] Winter Magic - quest condition doesnt make sense

    Does nonboosted and boosted T2 count together?
  5. Angedev

    Not a Bug vault of wisdom

  6. Angedev

    Not a Bug Vault of wisdom

    One Vault of Wisdom must be connected to all 3 buildings, not only 1 or 2, how it looks from your picture...
  7. Angedev

    Won't fix Ch15 - not possible to upgrade evolving buildings with RRS

  8. Angedev

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.89

    @Maillie : Answer for your first question and for the second :)
  9. Angedev

    Contact(ed) support The new event Autumn Zodiac...

    @John-Fr : If you use words like 'started' and 'lounched', it sounds like you haven't collected finished productions yet. But it doesn't matter, I was only trying to help :) @Jasper : Are you sure? I've thought it's just about 'fair amount of steel', not concrete productions. But maybe I'm...
  10. Angedev

    Contact(ed) support The new event Autumn Zodiac...

    You must finish these productions :)
  11. Angedev

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    So if I have for example Golden Abbys, Watchtower ruins and Tome od secrets on max level and no wonders for battle/goods it still makes Spire more difficult for me? It makes no sense... :( @Dony : I have small city so I'm not sure how much I can help, but it would be nice to have a new thread...
  12. Angedev

    Not a Bug Tournament Timer wrong ???

    Tournament usually starts on Tuesday, today is Monday I believe :)
  13. Angedev

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    I understand your idea - 16 encounters on map x 16 encounters in spire. But we have only 3 maps in week, it means we can use this alternative only once a week. And remember, you can prepare some provinces on 7/8 when doing quests "complete encounters". In this case, you can win only 2 encounters...
  14. Angedev

    Chapter 15?

    It was easy with last 2 chapters. They had sentient goods which covered 3 chapters. Now they have to invent something completely new and it takes more time. I think we can expect it on September or October, but it's just a guess :)
  15. Angedev

    Not a Bug City Expansion Not Received

    You should write to support, they can look at it ;)
  16. Angedev

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    It's reality... I have 3 days and 11 hours now = 83 hours :(
  17. Angedev

    Discussion Summer Mermaids Event

    For end-tech players are sometimes both possibilities nearly impossible (or take 3 or more days), so be glad you can do one thing :D
  18. Angedev

    Not a Bug world map not displaying correctly

    And try to clean cache and cookies ;)
  19. Angedev

    Confirmed Mobile app : tournament encounter result is incomplete

    It's not nice in the Spire with 2 or more waves :rolleyes:
  20. Angedev

    Not a Bug Summer Mermaids 2nd questline missing