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  1. Sherakaja


    Is there a way to opt off this annoying tournament pop up? It really puts a downer on my gamepleasure here. I get a pop up that the tournament is over, even thoug I did not participate in it. And it pops up with the message that a new one is happening. I want them both turned off. How to do this?
  2. Sherakaja

    Residences are not buildings?

    Yeah.. I hope so too. In the meantime, I will follow Jasper's advice. It worked like a charm. Letting the machine on while doing my work, peeking every now and then, to see the progress. But this should not be nessasary. It should work properly. Perersonally I had the impression that this old...
  3. Sherakaja

    Residences are not buildings?

    Indeed.. again.. it did not respond. Thanks for the advice, Jasper.
  4. Sherakaja

    Residences are not buildings?

    For the Soltice quest 'upgrade 2 buildings to lvl 3 or higher' I had upgraded two residences. But the quest did not respond to that. Does this mean that residences are not building? I'm now upgrading two lvl 10 factories. I hope the quest will respond to that.
  5. Sherakaja

    Tournaments mandatory

    I logged in today, wanting to spend my knowledge points for the Garden of Harmony, when I discovered I was no longer allowed to do so. I am FORCED to spend them on Tournaments. When Tournaments was introduced i did not feel the desire to spend my knowledge points at it. I am not interested in...
  6. Sherakaja

    Fixed [10151] Floating blimps remaining on the screen

    Yep.. I have it too. It is very annoying. It hinders the visual of the playfield. The only way to get rid of it, is to refresh the page.
  7. Sherakaja

    Fixed [6241] Missing town

    I had fogotten to mention this on my prefious message. But after a few visits, my own town suffers the same thing. Just grass with floating icons.
  8. Sherakaja

    Duplicate No city there when visiting

    I still have the following problem: When I visit a second or third player who has visit me, I get an emtpty city with only the helping hands icons floating above the buildings I do not see. But I still can polish the building I do not see. With the visit of the fourth player that does not work...
  9. Sherakaja

    [Discussion] Fellowships coming to Beta!

    It was a bit of a drag to search for fellowships nearby. I had to use the map to do that.It would have been nice if there had been a search engine to show me the nearby fellowships. And if those fellowships have room left for new members. It would be nice if a fellowship could make their own...
  10. Sherakaja

    [City] Verification popup when placing Expansions

    Thank you very much. It will be very helpful when it's implemented.
  11. Sherakaja

    [Discussion][0.16] Balancing Changes in Damage Calculation

    I didn't have a problem with the old system. I haven't tried out the new system. This is a building game, mainly, not a battle game.
  12. Sherakaja

    Duplicate Statistic page for User

    It is handy if the culture buildings get their own tab and that the production buildings get their own tab as well. For culture buildings: amount, size on the map, their benefits to the city (culture points, population etc.) For production buildings: amount, size on the map, level, total...
  13. Sherakaja

    World Map Who helped?

    I like the idea of a color. Just a change behind the name tag to indicate if the neighbor has helped you the last 24 hours. No pop-up menus or anything complicated like that. And people that are in active for along time, perhaps their names are a bit faded out. @elvenmurph I can see that...
  14. Sherakaja

    World Map Who helped?

    Yeah, you can do that, but I rather have it on the map itself. The village notifications is not always loading or it takes a long time to load. There is also the clutter between them of the people that have accepted my trades. All and all, it would be easier if I could see it on the map as well.
  15. Sherakaja

    Duplicate Statistic page for User

    When your city expands, it becomes more and more difficult to keep a good view on things happening in your city. All things concerning building, culture buildings, production units should be in the Main Hall. It should contain levels, the amount of production and culture points. Also a link...
  16. Sherakaja

    World Map [Forwarded] Culture's Neighborly help timer to be increased

    12 hours would be nice or... even better, it waits till I log on again. That way I always have an advantage of help of neighbors. And specially since the amount of helpful neighbors is declining slowly. I had 5, then 4 now there are only 3 who are willing to help. Not all of my neighbors are...
  17. Sherakaja

    World Map Who helped?

    When I'm on the map, I want to be able to see who has helped me in the last 24 hours. Because those players deserve to be helped first. Specially handy when you have a large map. I was thinking of an icon before their name. Or, even better, a small list somewhere with links so I can navigate...
  18. Sherakaja

    Duplicate More information in the Main Hall

    Now that my city becomes bigger and bigger, I really start to miss a good overview of all the buildings I have. For me it would be very useful if I could see how many buildings I have and on what level they are. Perhaps with a build in link to the first building on that specific level, so I can...
  19. Sherakaja

    [Battle] Choosing Army size

    Yep, I like that idea.
  20. Sherakaja

    Do you intend to stay here?

    The more I think about it, the more I start to like it here. Here, people of all over the world are here. If I go to an area bound server, I will only met people from that area. And I don't want to be on a Dutch server. When I open my front door at home I get loads and loads of Dutch people. I...