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  1. Sherakaja


    Is there a way to opt off this annoying tournament pop up? It really puts a downer on my gamepleasure here. I get a pop up that the tournament is over, even thoug I did not participate in it. And it pops up with the message that a new one is happening. I want them both turned off. How to do this?
  2. Sherakaja

    Residences are not buildings?

    For the Soltice quest 'upgrade 2 buildings to lvl 3 or higher' I had upgraded two residences. But the quest did not respond to that. Does this mean that residences are not building? I'm now upgrading two lvl 10 factories. I hope the quest will respond to that.
  3. Sherakaja

    Tournaments mandatory

    I logged in today, wanting to spend my knowledge points for the Garden of Harmony, when I discovered I was no longer allowed to do so. I am FORCED to spend them on Tournaments. When Tournaments was introduced i did not feel the desire to spend my knowledge points at it. I am not interested in...
  4. Sherakaja

    Duplicate No city there when visiting

    I still have the following problem: When I visit a second or third player who has visit me, I get an emtpty city with only the helping hands icons floating above the buildings I do not see. But I still can polish the building I do not see. With the visit of the fourth player that does not work...
  5. Sherakaja

    World Map Who helped?

    When I'm on the map, I want to be able to see who has helped me in the last 24 hours. Because those players deserve to be helped first. Specially handy when you have a large map. I was thinking of an icon before their name. Or, even better, a small list somewhere with links so I can navigate...
  6. Sherakaja

    Duplicate More information in the Main Hall

    Now that my city becomes bigger and bigger, I really start to miss a good overview of all the buildings I have. For me it would be very useful if I could see how many buildings I have and on what level they are. Perhaps with a build in link to the first building on that specific level, so I can...
  7. Sherakaja

    Response to help tickets - two accounts on one connection

    Last Tuesday, I have send a message to your customer support of Elvenar about two people playing this game on one IP address. I had asked if my husband should send a message about this as well. But so far I haven't received an answer, not in game, not on my email. How long do I have to wait...
  8. Sherakaja

    Implemented [Other] Maintenance

    I almost got an heart attack when I was playing just now. Suddenly there was this big picture with the words: Game terminated. Since this is Beta, my first impression was that you guys had pulled the plug on the game. Fortunately there was also the mentioning of maintenance in that picture ...