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  1. Ballantines

    Cannot reproduce puppets have no prices anymore

    Already reloaded, clean cache, open the game in other computer, also the app. Same problem.
  2. Ballantines

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    Did you already owned 38 Wishing Wells from the Great Prizes? I guess not
  3. Ballantines

    Cannot reproduce puppets have no prices anymore

    It seems the same problem that i talked about on discussions
  4. Ballantines

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    I understand. But it is the same problem to all servers. I just wanna see if anyone knows about dat.
  5. Ballantines

    Discussion Woodelvenstock Summer Event

    Hello, i'm from other Server, and i got a problem with Woodelvenstock, i bought the pack of diamonds with tickets and i run chests do farm KP Packs and Time Reduction, but, it appear that the Theather Machine stopped to give packs to me. So, there's is a limit of packs on the Event or there's a...
  6. Ballantines

    World Map [WM] New Way to Motivate (help) Neighbors

    Summary Implement a quick NH button on the World Map and in the Fellowship list. Description Hello, i'm from Brazilian Server, and i came here to bring to you an idea to improove the way you manage your neighbors motivation. The actual way to do it, it's entering the player city, clicking on...
  7. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Summer Solstice

    Me too. Same problem here. Timer reset to 24 hours and no new quest. And the other quest is giving me relics instead moon splitters. Shame
  8. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Summer Solstice

    200x Moon Splitter = You have the probabilty of 7% to gain this reward 30 Inspi...Medi... = Probability of 12% 30 Magical Manu = 13% Probability 140 moon splitter = 13% probability 9 rune shards = 15% probability 50 KP's = 15% probability 12 + 13 + 13 + 15 + 15 + 7 = 75% And 25% probability to...
  9. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Summer Solstice

    The daily is 1x1. The other ones are bigger @Muf-Muf 1.11 will bring the Event to live servers?
  10. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Summer Solstice

    Moon Splitters so expensive! 500 diamonds for 50 moon splitters. 50 moon splitters = bronze chest Bronze chest could come: 10 KP's. Iff u buy 10 KP's in your kp bar, you will spend 450 diamonds, less than 500 spent to buy 50 moon splitters. Ok, you can win the new structure who gives to you 37...
  11. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Summer Solstice

    I think the prices to buy Moon splitters is too expensive.
  12. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Some strange developments...

    Orcs!! Goblins!! If will be orcs, the production would grow a lot but the culture needed Will be higher. Because Orcs are famous to destroy everything to produce stuff.
  13. Ballantines

    Fixed [10138] Can only see 7 tournament encounters

    You can solve that, reducing the zoom of your browser. Try to use CTRL+DownWhell of your mouse. At least in Google Chrome, that works. Try to clean cache and cookies every single time they implement some new stuff in the game. This is Pro Tips.
  14. Ballantines

    New Spells

    It's been a few months after the implementation of the Magic Academy. And after a few days it has added a new spell to increase the power of culture of the buildings helped the neighborhood. But we have not seen any more new Spell I would like to propose here a discussion on the creation of new...
  15. Ballantines

    Do you want to build a magic academy?

    No and Yes. Why No ? Because cost too many space. 5x4 for humans and 5x5(!!!!!!) for elves. Do not give us any points, and only "nice" spell so far now is supply spell. No, because costs 1500 diamonds to reach lvl 5 of Magic Academy, and still, give us no ranking points. Still giant for the...
  16. Ballantines

    Fixed [8981] One expansion too many in the Build menu

    I guess i have the same problem. All expansions was placed. A few extra expansions throught provinces, but Tech Tree Expansions couter is -1.
  17. Ballantines

    World Map Plugin to Delete Inactive Players can be paused?

    I was thinking, does not have a tool that developers would use to pause the operation of removal of inactive players, until it is resolved the problem for the disappearance of the players and the fact that we have so many empty gaps in the map of provinces and thus damaging the players? Until...
  18. Ballantines

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.1 + Chapter VII: Fairies

    New constructions. I hope u guys like it.