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  1. Rill

    Not a Bug Unable to Open Chest after Required Provinces Completed

    Edited: Oops, figured out what I did wrong, there was a tech filled but not completed! __
  2. Rill

    New Researches: "Neighborhood" and "Fellowships"

    I haven't seen any mention (other than in threads of other topics) of the new added researches "Neighborhood" and "Fellowship." This appears to be something that Inno is testing. My beta city has this feature. Basically you can't give neighborly help (although you can receive it) until you...
  3. Rill

    Greetings and salutations

    Hello beta! I am @Gladiola from the US server. I'm here to check out events and new things before they come to live. My interests include needlework and textile arts of all kinds, jigsaw puzzles, and building microscopic Elvenaran cities that fit as much utility as possible in a small space.