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  1. Sir Squirrel

    Discussion New Spire of Eternity rewards!

    Yes this exactly, I also thought they were going to fix the libraries while they had the new rewards going, Scrolls are so devalued now it is messing up the game. I have to offer 2 to 1 to even get them taken. My God INNO Please fix the libraries to give every player there own boosts. Can you...
  2. Sir Squirrel


    While all the posts from others here are correct in their info. The OP's request for them to look at the pricing of expansions is still very valid. They are very over priced and I myself can't see how they make any money from them except from a very small amount of players. Only a select few...
  3. Sir Squirrel

    Has it been a year already?

    Hey Soggy glad to see you back around and haunting to forums again! Yeah they have been working towards fixing some of the broken parts of the game.
  4. Sir Squirrel

    Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    I agree with most others here that the ratio issue being addressed and Inno really investing the time to get it sorted out with our feedback, and being handled like it has is the greatest improvement of all !! Thank you! I will be content with either of the ratios presented, depending on which...
  5. Sir Squirrel

    All my scoutable provinces are "Hard"

    The advanced scouts at the beginning of each chapter lessens the cost and difficulty of the provinces too. Although this won't help if your in the middle of a chapter. Over scouting is possible and happens to most of us in the early chapters as we want more expansions to build our cities and...
  6. Sir Squirrel

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I think what Tomatoehu meant was that there shouldn't be any badges requiring all three manufactories, and that they should be replaced with different badges that we could do with what we have in our cities at the moment as to align with how events are now. They have made us upgrade our boosted...
  7. Sir Squirrel

    Hi, I have a doubt...

    I am pretty sure he just said that as to not cause an uproar. I have played beta a few years and have never seen a discount on expansions or diamonds, we don't get them here as far as I know. But it is possible the expansions and diamonds are a little cheaper to buy here compared to live, but I...
  8. Sir Squirrel

    Players dropping like flies?

    I have lost 4 or 5 players in last couple months on live as well. Most were because they are dropping their extra accounts. It seems there are less newer players joining as well (this is on Arendyll to so that may be part of the problem). It is getting really hard to recruit and keep the FS at...
  9. Sir Squirrel

    Time to say goodbye

    I know the feeling Shadowblack, I have been doing the same for a while now. There is just no motivation or incentives to play here in beta much anymore! It is sad to say, but if I want to play a buggy game I just play on live!
  10. Sir Squirrel

    New Game Features Compensation when bugs make it to live

    Yes Heymrdiedier, we have got a few things in the past, I will give you that. But what did we get for all the troops and goods that we all lost testing the spire (they could have given us some time instants and supply instants to replenish some of our troops and maybe a few MM spells to help us...
  11. Sir Squirrel

    New Game Features Compensation when bugs make it to live

    Exactly we are helping INNO test new features, giving feed back and trouble shooting bugs and helping to reproduce them (mostly with our own resources). I for one think that deserves some compensation once in a while! And this could help bring more players to Beta, knowing they will receive...
  12. Sir Squirrel

    New Game Features Compensation when bugs make it to live

    I would like to make a suggestion that I think INNO seriously needs to implement as soon as possible. When bugs make to live (especially ones that cost players resources) I think a pop up or compensation added right into our inventory with a pop up to let us know or other means of delivery, that...
  13. Sir Squirrel

    Events Make a victory popup box for completing the third boss in the spire.

    Yeah while I agree pet food would be a good one, they don't seem to want to give very good rewards for the spire. That is why I suggested an avatar as that is a reward that doesn't give us anything to help our cities, but is still a cool prize that not everyone would have. Also any that seen...
  14. Sir Squirrel

    Events Make a victory popup box for completing the third boss in the spire.

    I added that they should offer a new avatar for the first time you complete the spire in my next suggestion here https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/add-an-new-spire-hero-avatar-for-those-that-complete-the-spire.13673/
  15. Sir Squirrel

    alert : there is a new idea in the IS section

    Thanks for starting this thread maxiqbert, I was going to make one myself to help get people to check out my suggestions!! These are my suggestions if some could take a look and post some comments on them that would be great !! 1...
  16. Sir Squirrel

    City change enar's ambassy to make it usefull

    yeah I agree that it needs to give more for the space it takes. I have sold mine as it just wasn't giving anything compared to the space it uses. I like the rune shard storage idea since that is an idea that we have been asking for that they already said they would give us, but have not done...
  17. Sir Squirrel

    [Events] Add colour to the paths on the FA map

    Summary Add colors to the different paths in the Fellowship Adventures Descriptions To make the paths a little easier to see, I think they should add semi-transparent colours to paths on the FA map! Something like this Motivation It would make the paths a bit more clear. Possible downsides...
  18. Sir Squirrel

    Events Add an new Spire Hero Avatar for those that complete the Spire

    Add a new Spire Hero Avatar for those that complete the Spire, as an extra reward for beating the 3rd boss ! I think this would be a nice extra for those that go the extra mile and a half to complete the whole spire. whatever Cool Avatar the Devs artists can come up with !
  19. Sir Squirrel

    Events Make a victory popup box for completing the third boss in the spire.

    Make a victory popup box for completing the third boss in the spire. I suggest something like this Notice it doesn't say 'Awesome' on the button! The reason I think this should be implemented is the need to let the players know they have completed it and a cool picture looking out from the...