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  1. Damon13s

    Duplicate Unable to perform neighbor help on app

    - You be must be already aware about that bug with the neighborly help. Indeed when it comes to a quest that need that help.. can be very frustrate situation for you. - I noticed this... if you give neighborly help to anyone that belongs to a FS the bug is NOT occuring, but if you try it to...
  2. Damon13s

    Fixed [38007]server error on NH

    - I have the same issue with NH...
  3. Damon13s

    Fixed [37488] Cannot craft Bear artifact in the MA

    I cannot either to craft Bear artifact in my MA, it give me red the artifacts of Red bear, like as i don't have enough, which is false.
  4. Damon13s

    Discussion Tournament changes

    That rolling around relic change, it will make it harder from now on players at first chapters to raise up the relics of their boosted goods. Till now we're expecting the tournament of the specific relic type to max out as possible 'd be the boosted relics, now we gonna get one of each in a...
  5. Damon13s

    Duplicate fellowship's offers in the trade

    For some reason, since 24 hours ago, it doesn't work the marking in the trade to show only fellowship's offers. I'd report it earlier but i thought it was just a temporarily issue but it keeps going, so it needs to be checked. Thank you.