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  1. Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    2 Beetle 3 Shelly 6 Cocoon 8 Baaaaaaaa 9 Ears 11 cotton Tail
  2. 33 days left on Spire

    Why do we have a counter on the Spire
  3. UI - Show zero scores in Spire and Tournament

    Names on the Spire for the App would be useful too as well as just the avatars
  4. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    I got bronze too …Did anyone get silver or gold League pay out?
  5. Cannot reproduce I APP - Can not activate Knowledge sharing

    I can’t see it ... I play on App
  6. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    Getting the experience points ... only seen them for doing helping hand in fellowship... is there any other place we can get these experience points ...? not Much of an experience..lol
  7. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    Thank you for your replys ... that has helped me understand how we get started.. After reading your comments still don’t understand what the benefit is in having longer to do helping hand ... surely halving the time would be better so I could do 2 a day... lots of comments here on forum about...
  8. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    Ok need an idiots guide... we have 55k whatever’s for unlocking not a mage but need to understand for live if we unlock now do we get those 21 points or are they lost if we unlock do we have to do that every week ? don’t understand Bummbaer point upgrading perk = increase cost for all others
  9. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    unfortunately.. I haven’t understood how these perks work at all The spire ended I get to the top but as usual the team did not .. so I assumed we would get perks for the points between the last tick point and points achieved look this morning.. no perks ... the normal contributors to forum...
  10. Events Add unlimited quests to League events.

    I love the idea taking event currency out of the chests and having additional quest per FA style currently I would never pay the 1500 diamonds for the royal prizes ... far too expensive if average attainable progress is to get to level 8 evolved buildings... But given the option to buy more...
  11. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Over Half my team don’t have 30 provinces yet.. hence I consider hats much harder to get.. especially on a Thursday start as Time Warp is late in the chapters...we can clear enough space to do blacksmith and farmers ... and would rank them middle ... but then all 25 members take part.. my point...
  12. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    None of my fellowships are a top 50 ranked Fellowship. so our weighting would be different than outlined by Edeba .. All the team do PB tourney in FA week and we still have to time boost hats and staffs in the MA ... to get close to 90k points needed .so I would weight those higher ... . For...
  13. Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    Enevhar thank you it wasn’t obvious to me that the 1500 diamonds was for all prizes to the level you get... still looks expensive but better
  14. Discussion Autumn Zodiac 2021

    I’ve been busy with the FA on live .. so have only just looked at the Royal prizes I am obviously missing something because it looks as if I want to .”win” a blueprint I have to get 160 stars AND pay 1500 diamonds.. how is this a prize ? when in normal play a blueprint cost 300 diamonds Have I...
  15. Incomplete Additional information for buildings

    Oh my goodness... took a look at that link.... need someone to hold my hand to attempt that...lol the problem has resolved itself so I will leave that until another time
  16. Incomplete Additional information for buildings

    Each time I try to log on... looking for additional buildings flashes up... and yes WiFi is fine
  17. Incomplete Additional information for buildings

    Getting told additional information needed for buildings and throws me out the game.. using iPad and no new update on App Store
  18. Fixed [TECH-5974] Your version is outdated error

    Live is fine but as soon as you try Beta stupid message and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling.. iPad just cycles between go to App Store
  19. Cannot reproduce bug ^^

    Same problem... download... but can’t get in