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  1. Patrix

    Fixed [39426] Can't switch recource in trader

    Hi, I can't switch my recource in the trader from Unurium to Divine Seeds. When I press the OK button is does nothing.
  2. Patrix

    Duplicate No new FA quest

    I just finished a FA quest, but there is no new one popping up :( Double.........this one can be closed.
  3. Patrix

    Cannot reproduce Streets

    Hi, After the update I miss some streets and the streets that lie next to each other are not smooth but independent tiles. Gr. Patrix
  4. Patrix

    Duplicate 3 construction sites with 2 builders

    Hi, I'm upgrading 3 building now with 2 builders. This extra is nice, but a bug I think. http://prntscr.com/6iba96
  5. Patrix

    Duplicate Show building info when u visit another player

    Hi, I like to see some building information when I visit another player. What kind of building it is and the level of the building. Because building change there appearence when become a higher level, its difficult to see how high ranking player has build up there cities. And I now play with...