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  1. Kersepitje

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Well looking at the calendar, and looking at previous years, I would guess the zodiac event is coming up next. But of course 'past performances are no guarantee for future results'
  2. Kersepitje

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    well those buttons I definitely use. Most of all to persuade others to push the buttons they have and I don't. And hopefully soon, I will succeed in another big button push persuasion.
  3. Kersepitje

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I love pressing buttons, but innoGames is smart enough to not put them anywhere near me :)
  4. Kersepitje

    Fixed [41121] Event UI stop responding after offer refresh

    confirmed. Kinda feels like this is more then 1 bug for me, at least the devs are gonna have to fix more then 1 thing :) * after new offer nothing works * after reopening window the dicarding offers doesn't work anymore * after merging 2 items, the discarding offers now work again
  5. Kersepitje

    Fixed [40920] Goldmines in neighbourhood list

    confirmed with different reproduction steps: 1: first off, have a city with gold mines at the edge of your discovered area, and let them be a bit far, but not too far. 2: go to world map, check neighbors through button, notice nothing is wrong, no goldmines listed. 3: move (decently fast on the...
  6. Kersepitje

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    at the moment I can only think of one thing: cherry-stone!
  7. Kersepitje

    Not a Bug Error in VV of Lava Codex recipe (Crafting)

    It's not because something doesn't make sense that its therefor a bug. That's why we have feedback threads about everything, if you think something doesn't make sense you state it there and then we forward it as feedback. If the internal team think the feedback is valid and they are willing to...
  8. Kersepitje

    Not a Bug Missing diamonds in the chest from the Magic Academy

    Im sorry but i can't treat this as a bug. What you see as expected situation was never promised anywhere. It's like they say in stock markets: Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
  9. Kersepitje

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I believe its a large kettle, and you have to put lots of stuff in it, keep it above a fire for a long time, and then hope for the best that something good comes out of it.
  10. Kersepitje

    New event..

    Ok thanks for the clarification. I'll do my part of the clarification as well then: We used to only communicate through the forum about upcoming events, but as our playerbase of mobile only players kept growing over time(with some of them never checking the forum), we realized forum...
  11. Kersepitje

    Not a Bug Error in VV of Lava Codex recipe (Crafting)

    I was also under that impression. If all the buildings are the same with same benefits, same costs and same VV return, why would there even be a need to have different buildings, it could as well then be 1 building in the recipe pool. Anyway we're having this checked by Game design if it is...
  12. Kersepitje

    New event..

    I'm not sure what you are talking about here. We have never given out information about an event beforehand in the past either. The idea was to discover it as it comes day per day, without spoilers from our side. Even further it's been considered more then once that the daily prizes on live...
  13. Kersepitje

    New event..

    its coming, and its coming soon (tm)!
  14. Kersepitje

    Fixed [40121] Circular quests. The reward from the previous quest is counted to the next one

    you are right, quests rewards should never count towards other quests. Im gonna ask you to make a support ticket however, so they can check you account specifically and see if you did not actually collect something else.
  15. Kersepitje

    What rule should go first?

    Its very simple? The way it is now, it should stay :D No development time needed if nothing needs to change. The rules were very clear upon introduction of the perks. In order to prevent FS hopping to level the perks faster then intended, we prevent a new fellow to give neighbourly help to...
  16. Kersepitje

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I know that's the simple suggestion i would have made as well, but its not that easy. I doubt a new player understand what T1 is, or what the tiers even are.
  17. Kersepitje

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Its true, that this has been around a while now. Even producing ascending goods (for the asked production period) works. We agree the text description of these are a bit unclear tho. So we're looking to get this text changed.
  18. Kersepitje

    Contact(ed) support Dawn of Phoenix Event Artifacts not showing in Inventory

    please contact support, if you think something is wrong with your inventory. They are able to tell you what happened ith them if you had them or if you never received them in the first place
  19. Kersepitje

    twilight phoenix artifacts

    well if they should be there and are missing, you should try contacting support. They can find out what happened with them (maybe you used them to craft an other phoenix artifact, or maybe you already evolved the building a bit), they can tell.
  20. Kersepitje

    twilight phoenix artifacts

    are you sure you pressed collect on the prizes? there is also a button to collect all the prizes you won so far. If you forgot to collect it, also no worries, you will get them automatcly once the event is over also.