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  1. Patrix

    Fixed [39426] Can't switch recource in trader

    Hi, I can't switch my recource in the trader from Unurium to Divine Seeds. When I press the OK button is does nothing.
  2. Patrix

    Fixed [32109] Strange behavior with T6

    Same here.
  3. Patrix

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.74

    It's been reduced by 40% !!!!!! Why that much?????? And does this mean a double payback day is coming?
  4. Patrix

    Duplicate No new FA quest

    I just finished a FA quest, but there is no new one popping up :( Double.........this one can be closed.
  5. Patrix

    Discussion The Amuni

    When will we be able to decline the Elementals quest?
  6. Patrix

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.54

    8 weeks later is not long? Any news?
  7. Patrix

    Fixed [17686] Notification does not work

    Notifications doesn't load :( About 30 minutes later........ it works again.
  8. Patrix

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile!

    Nice! Hope it's availible on vacation!
  9. Patrix

    Discussion Elvenar Mobile!

    Great new future! Is it available for existing cities or only for new player?
  10. Patrix

    Fixed [12680] No fellowship progress icon on world map

    Same here................no fellowship progress icon! :(
  11. Patrix

    Fixed [12246] No declinable questline

    Same here :(
  12. Patrix

    Communication [Communication] Notification Screen Overhaul

    Yes I know. Hope to get the mark as read also in the future. It is also there at Inno's game The West.
  13. Patrix

    Communication [Communication] Notification Screen Overhaul

    Great idea! @ Marindor: Can u make u popup screen for 1 or 2 days when we login the game, with the link to this poll page? So many more players will read this and u get a more accurate result.
  14. Patrix

    [Discussion] Summer Solstice

    Perfectly expressed! Please inno, extend the quest line so we can make a change at the second Grand Prize
  15. Patrix

    Cannot reproduce Streets

  16. Patrix

    Cannot reproduce Streets

    Hi, After the update I miss some streets and the streets that lie next to each other are not smooth but independent tiles. Gr. Patrix
  17. Patrix

    Fixed [9976] Kp taking longer than 1h

    The first report was on thursday morning, so without the weekend is this day 3. That also stands for a couple of days! And yes I know beta is a test server and that it can bring bugs with it. But to show appreciation towards players testing this game and report the bugs, with trying to urn more...
  18. Patrix

    Fixed [9976] Kp taking longer than 1h

    Great job inno.......You don't compensate KP because it is a beta (test) server. And you don't get this bug fixed in a couple of days! Now what shall we do instead.......Let's try to get some more money from the players and offer them to buy the lost KP when they buy diamonds. WTF, great...
  19. Patrix

    Fixed [9976] Kp taking longer than 1h

    Same here. If I stay logged in it take the normal 1 hour to generate a KP, but if I log out it takes 2 hours for 1 KP!!!! o_O