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  1. Cannot reproduce Can't log in to beta on browser

    for me it seems that Beta Server is offline, if i use https://zz0.elvenar.com/web/glps (which i always use to go to Beta) then it send me to https://en.elvenar.com/ where im not registered, so my playername will not be found there (thats correct) if i try to go to Beta from there with it send...
  2. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    It took some time to screen the old and new trading ratios, but i finally finished it If something is wrong please let me know where and i change that. First the changes for 2 star rating looks better, still not where they should be but better. On the other side the max. trading should be...
  3. Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    This Event is unfair like those before. Why you give the first ame 9 Quest to all and start with Quest 10 an unfair "Lottery" one. With which rigth some have to make 2 Basket of Groceries while the others may get the part with 3 Advanced Tools? While those with the 2nd part can easy go on...
  4. Wiki Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    Its only wrong in Wiki so no Bug
  5. Wiki Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    Wiki still at still no commend or checking from your side?
  6. Discussion Proposed trading star rating changes

    First step into right direction but when you write why you dont take the simplest way and delete cross trades and only allow trades with the same tiers? Exchange Rate from Tier 3 to Tier 2 will become 1 : 1 when you calculate the place needed to run only 1 manufactury (including Streets...
  7. Wiki Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    another 14 days gone, seems there is no interest to keep the Wiki alive
  8. Wiki Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    More than 6 weeks gone and still no reply. So i have little more for you, Level 3 and 4 The cost of Coins/Supplies are wrong for the whole Portal Levels, and therefore also in all the Wikis. Can it really be, that im the only one playing Chapter Dwarves and all others are in higher Chapters?
  9. Wiki Dwarves - Dwarven Portal Level 2

    Game version: v1.80-(02138b8) (2019-05-09 23:18) HTML5 Yes/No: Yes Operating System: Windows 10 Account name: Moonlady70 Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 Where is it in the Wiki: https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Dwarven_Portal What is wrong: look at the Screen Maybe...
  10. Discussion Evolution of Phoenix

    i finished that on day 13, now 10 days late questline is extended, little to late with 4 remaining days
  11. Discussion Evolution of Phoenix

    i was finished with the event and now i got this one what happened?
  12. Fair Trades: Are they really?

    I have done more like that kind of sheets (Research, Fellowship Adventure, Crafting, Ancient Wonders) and still have some more in work, but as you see in German :D
  13. Fair Trades: Are they really?

    here you go For some it can be low, for some not ;) And the first 5 chapters requires mostly T 1 goods (Research, Building, Tournament, Provinces). The only reason to Trade T 3 for T 1 is that you get the required T 1 faster as you are able to get them by your own or trading T1 for T1...
  14. Fair Trades: Are they really?

    Points should be 1.) Coins 2.) Supplies 3.) Population 4.) Culture 5.) Streets 6.) Trader 7.) Used Place 8.) Time (most important) There are so many other facts like Relict Boost, Chapter, Ancient Wonder Boost too, which should be taken into a calculation. In the higher levels of the...
  15. Fair Trades: Are they really?

    The problem is, that INNO made the fault to calculate only with coins and supplies. T1 = 20 coins/piece T2 = 80 coins/piece T3 = 320 coins/piece There you go with the ratio of 16:4:1. But they forgot, without a Residence and the Population, you can't build "ONE" level 1 Manufactories, and...