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  1. Miciah

    Cannot reproduce tourney broken

    game freezes upon opening sector and or the fight cater options are grayed out. edit ....it is now working again
  2. Miciah

    Incomplete tourney broken

  3. Miciah

    New AWS

    just built dark maze and dragon abbey both look great the maze is a bit on the big side nearly a town hall size, had to build it on far side or would cover the town hall, but they look great :)
  4. Miciah

    Not a Bug Enar's embassy

    i cannot collect from enars embassy i assume its caused from tourney rewards......http://prnt.sc/eg6jlv i moved it to different spot in my city it didn't free it up same with a game re-boot
  5. Miciah

    Duplicate stream errors

    can no longer access tournament.... i am on sector 16....http://prnt.sc/eerhdn
  6. Miciah

    Fixed [13055] Wisdom Square always gives minimum "early collect" amount when timer is not completely full

    when collecting from square i only get 43 apprentices (the 4 hour amount) even if its been 6 -12 hrs..... this is the third time i noticed it may have been more this am the icon over wisdom square said 86 i clicked on it the icon bubble still had 86 but as it neared the tool bar it changed to...
  7. Miciah

    Duplicate arcane faculty

    when upgrading campus to level 4 arcane faculties stop working :( while the other 2 faculties continue to production. here is a screen shot ...http://prnt.sc/e7s0bz you can see the alchemy working and necromancy working but not the arcane as evident the elder dragon is missing from the level...
  8. Miciah

    stream errors

    whats going on with all the lagggggg and errors ???...........http://prnt.sc/e6bads
  9. Miciah

    Duplicate cant battle in tourney

    my squads load zero and you can see i have many squads i did the usual clear cache etc etc even tried to fight but of course with zero units this happened in sector 15 i did 14 with no problem ...screen shot.................http://prnt.sc/duib2b
  10. Miciah

    Duplicate server error/stream error

    http://prnt.sc/ctribl this is what happens when i reload game after contineous server/stream errors....game almost totally unplayable.cant visit cant collect quest hangs up chat hangs up barracks hangs up...server bottleneck what i think
  11. Miciah

    Fixed [11685] Magic Workshops don't work for 'Produce Beverages' quest

    magic workshops supply builds don't count towards make 60 beverages
  12. Miciah

    Cannot reproduce cant log in

    "page not found" and yes i'm not a retard i cleared cache and cookies etc its not my net or pc i get in FOE no problem and other sites--game has been extremely buggy last 24-48 hrs many internal and stream errors mostly happens when 2 or more actions complete at same time eg. upgrade completes...
  13. Miciah

    steel tournament

    why is the difficulty 10X of the last 4-5 tounaments ive done ? i could get to 5 stars with light to medium losses this time i get my behind kicked on the 4th star
  14. Miciah

    deleted quest

    i see the spend 12 kp and complete a technology have be removed from the quest line up and the reason is ???????????? they were there a hour or so ago now both are gone more questline nerfing ??????........ kinda rendering the kp spell pointless unless your not loggin in daily
  15. Miciah

    looking for shards ? just placed 2 wonders

    fresh off the pixel press.... watchtower ruins and thrones of the high men
  16. Miciah

    Provinces taken no runes given

    the older players such as myself have been slighted since the wonders were added. new players gain them fast and easy soon as the first wonder is unlocked, now since i completed approx 200 provinces before the introduction of wonders i lose 200 rune shards. at 230+ provinces they are almost...
  17. Miciah

    Fixed [8325] Upon loading: "500 - Internal server error"

    internal server ERROR 500..... it is NOT FIXED
  18. Miciah


    this may be a silly question but why are some building soooo many armories ????? the only thing they do is increase training size, they do not increase training speed or squad size.... unless i missed something. its a terrible waste of population which you could apply to building more goods. i...
  19. Miciah

    Fixed [5273] green background after visiting players

    go to world map click on player city buildings don't load.... click on world icon it wont go to map but back to same city that wont load refreshed cleared cache same thing