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  1. Konniver

    How is training time calculated?

    I've built a tool on the Elven Architect to allow players to calculate training speed, times and costs for all troops, but one thing that's leaving me stumped is the exact calculation of training time. (Preview link - http://www.elvenarchitect.com/calculators/trainingspeed/). The game appears...
  2. Konniver

    Elven architect - Latest updates

    For those who may not already know about it, the Elven Architect is a website that provides tools to aid in playing this game, including a city planner, knowledge points calculator, and now a battle simulator. Visit Elven Architect As I often include the latest updates from beta, I thought it...
  3. Konniver

    Damage formulas

    Hi all, some of you may know me as the author of the Elven Architect. I've been working on what may become the start of a battle simulator and hoping those more experienced than I can help in confirming the damage formulas the game uses, current or proposed. Attack formula: The latest info I...