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  1. Foaly

    Fixed Wiki has wrong portrait for Maze of Dark matter

    Wiki is now updated with this to :)
  2. Foaly

    Won't fix Badges/Item image (also wiki?)

    Wiki wise this page isn't created yet, but we try to proofread and catch most of the spelling errors before releasing them to the EN wiki :) The work on the wiki pages starts soon, but I cant make promises whether or not we will make it to the live release of this feature. Not even with the basics.
  3. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    Sorry for the late answer and correction, but it has all been corrected and the wonders have been added the last 5 levels to :)
  4. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    Updated to fit the actual early pick up :) Thanks for the heads up :)
  5. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    Don't know how that ended there, but it is corrected now :) Thank you for your keen eye :)
  6. Foaly

    Discussion Halflings

    The last data is in place. On behalf of the entire wiki team I hope we didn't miss anything (important) or made any errors. Please let us know if anything slipped past our keen eyes :)
  7. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    You are absolutely correct. I have adjusted accordingly.
  8. Foaly

    Fixed [Wiki] Magic Residence Information Humans

    Thank you very much for your help catching this little bugger. It is corrected now :)
  9. Foaly

    Discussion Halflings

    You are welcome :) We are though missing a few details before we are finished with all halfling related updates of the wiki.
  10. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    I have checked it and corrected this :) Appreciate your help :)
  11. Foaly

    Fixed Wiki error/Human Scroll Manufactory

    Corrected now. Thank you for your help :)
  12. Foaly

    locked out of account

    Well if it is actually sent. Did he search his entire mailbox? even spam and unwanted emails etc? Unless it has for some reason not actually been sent it should be there somewhere. Otherwise the US team will have to investigate why it isn't sent as the message states. Which the rest of us...
  13. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    Thank you very much :) It is updated now :)
  14. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    Corrected :)
  15. Foaly

    Fixed [Wiki] great bell spire

    Fixed! Later today all S&D should be up to :)
  16. Foaly

    [Discussion] InnoGames TV - March Episode

    To get a better overview some info is put in spoilers. Always look for the 'expand' text or ask if it's possible to add to the wiki and we'll look at it :)
  17. Foaly

    Fixed Wikipage outdated

    Though the change of the new bonus effects has not been moved (level one receiving level 2 bonus etc version 1.23)
  18. Foaly

    Fixed wiki errors

    Those should be correct right now
  19. Foaly

    Fixed Wikipage outdated

    Both should be updated now :)