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  1. Birthday Present!

    but very good present, one building we wanted to have more often in event
  2. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    some trouble for small cities 1 KP at 25% ,is not good if we follow example of festival merchant , we should have T3
  3. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    it's not worst than my daily prize 4 runes of thrones of the high men
  4. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    as said on another post , we can have huge side effect of this change , new players won't be able to advance in event as fight/spell/CC/relics are often required and without tourney it's quite impossible to do most step but the highest effect is that if new players can't participate to FS...
  5. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    yes mine can do up to 150 but it' not enough to win, the high score for french server (118250) was made without that kind of city (with last evolution timewarp for ghost badge is more usefull than that kind of city )
  6. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    new players are those who need most to be in FS for having advices and help but if they can't participate , they won't be invited ...
  7. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    but will heavily hurt all new player , with no tourney , no event doable ... very bad move FA special cities are only quite a small number because most of player don't care about FA (and need quite lot of time to be efficient )
  8. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    for finishing province , the main difficulty is ressources (at that level all province are red ) , and with boost not increasing , and probably not much help from fellowship (as you can't help in return) it wont be so easy and less kp need but far less kp won also without tournament ... (with...
  9. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    without tournament : event will become nearly impossible and progression will be very slow without relics (impossible to create CC in MA and boost will not increase much , so less resources )
  10. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    chapter 4 only for tournament is not good , kp and spell of tournament were useful at the beginning but worse thing is spire in chapter 5 i will never recruit new player under chapter 6 if they can't participate in spire ... and if it's applied to old city , i will be obliged to delete my...
  11. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    is it only me or buildings are smaller today with bathroom and flower cage ? edit : second day with small buildings observatory and fairy inn (folk band is daily prize , at the beginning of event it was random prize ... )
  12. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    this shuffling event seems to be the best we have had , no need for daily prize , building in the 16 places were daily prize of previous event 4x3 or 4x4 building (and not 1x2 or 2x2 of first events of that kind) , very good for beginners and all people who need fragments or pop/culture...
  13. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    i guess i have not found the yellow begonia ??? or only 6 temporary buildings ?
  14. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    only 1 stone garden is quite good ... better than culture per square not so bad ... (better than lava codex )
  15. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    is it really usefull ? +1:26h for a standard duration of 48h or 23:24 min for 13h but that is far better
  16. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    very unlucky quite no extra currency : choosing chest 77/129 (avg 21) then 46/112 (avg 23 ) , with 5148 sky essence , i got only 211 points , average 24.4 !!! the worse event , i have ever seen
  17. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    moonstone library is a good building to keep ... and upgrade
  18. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    gold level 3 : 96k (HDV 4.4 m) level 9 : 1860k (HDV 13.6 m) level 11: 2616k (HDV 22m) level 15: 4956k (HDV 46 m)
  19. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    sorry i have made a mistake i write guard but think ghost !
  20. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    no ! the new limit is the guard ghost badge (and absolutely no diammond for this badge) and the number of province the fellowship can open (and number of turn possible , the timewarp is the ultimate adventure building with the new design for ghost )