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  1. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    3 - waved snailshell 7 - floating brain 8 - bigmouth flowers 9 - eye-sprouts 11 - cottoncloud bud
  2. PrimroseSylvia

    Fixed [40711] Lucky Little Fin quest bug in Beta

    I wouldn't be rude, but I guess you didn't read it well. The link is absolutely correct, you have to choose the market you want to contact: Oh, and by the way, I've used several times and none of them the ticket was simply closed without reply. I'd be curious to see that ticket...
  3. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Search for @Karvest post in this discussion and you'll find them.
  4. PrimroseSylvia

    Undocumented changes

    In live is still present 1 pop, at least in chapter lower than 16
  5. PrimroseSylvia

    Most Effective builds for a Goods-city and a Military-city?

    You're right, but player is at dwarves and woodelves guest races, so at least 3 chapters far away from sentient goods. And we all know that this is (well, maybe should be would be better) an evoling game, so what you need in early chapters you won't need it in later ones.
  6. PrimroseSylvia

    Most Effective builds for a Goods-city and a Military-city?

    Yes, but catering involve wonders who can boost goods production (so, mountain halls for sure)
  7. PrimroseSylvia

    Most Effective builds for a Goods-city and a Military-city?

    All military related wonders are: needles of tempest, martial monastery/sanctuary, dwarven bulwark, heroe's forge, shrine of the shrewdy shrooms, flying academy, dragon abbey, temple of toads, victory springs, pyramid of purifications, timewarp (but only tournament related), simia sapiens...
  8. PrimroseSylvia

    New but not new ahha

    Welcome here, and happy gaming!
  9. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.152

    Indeed, it's the same "logic" Inno is using in other games (for example, team explorations in Sunrise Village). I think that let players learn and test the game is a good idea; too many times I've found players who even don't know what a boosted good was, just because they joined a FS where...
  10. PrimroseSylvia

    Happy Easter :)

    Happy Easter to you all ♥
  11. PrimroseSylvia

    will the new combat boost buildings be in the academy?

    Same here, neither here not in live server :P
  12. PrimroseSylvia

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Thanks a lot Konniver!
  13. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    To avoid confusion, please change buiding's info :)
  14. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Agree; feeding bonus is really poor, ad @maxiqbert said, it will stay in my inventory. And it's a pity, graphic is really stunning!
  15. PrimroseSylvia

    abysmal in-games messages

    Same as Sunrise Village: just a "fellowship" chat, no forum, no wiki and no Discord too, just a Facebook (private) group.
  16. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion Easier Neighbourly Help

    I LOVE IT!!! I beg your pardon, but caps lock is absolutely needed in this case ♥
  17. PrimroseSylvia

    Discussion Runeshard Changes

    You have to ask in your live server ;)
  18. PrimroseSylvia

    Hello :)

    Welcome :)
  19. PrimroseSylvia

    New Game Features Spectral stone

    You can see it only in Spire, you can use it to calm just 1 spirit without using resources.