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  1. Not a Bug Quest Chapter 13

    Game version: v1.155-beta.13-(9f0e96e) - html5 (2022-06-23 18:54) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: google chrome Operating System or Mobile Device: windows 10 Screen resolution: no clue where to find this Account name: Skillpowers Humans or Elves: humans in chapter 13...
  2. will the new combat boost buildings be in the academy?

    i just got a offer on the live game to buy combat boost buildings , 2 of the 3 new ones however have a 175% boost instead of the 150% and 1 new has 150% (as it should be) will these new buildings also be availeble in the acedemy in the future?
  3. Cannot reproduce Echoes of the Forgotten

    Game version: v1.150-beta.9-(ee99d52) - html5 (2022-03-18 08:53) Game world: NL Winyandor Browser/IOS/Android + version: google chrome Operating System or Mobile Device: pc Screen resolution: Account name: skillpowers Humans or Elves: humans im posting this here because i think i know where...
  4. Other Magic workshop + building buying with diamonds

    this is just a short idea for INNO so they might not lose money on the actions when they offer 10% cheaper , when culture is negative you can't buy the magic residence with diamonds , when population/culture is negative you can't buy magic workplace with diamonds. i would change the way you...
  5. Not a Bug Fellowship Trophie (5 chest tournement)

    hi , i noticed something on a live server that there was a badge ive never seen before and its from reaching 5 chests in the tournement with the fellowship. However on beta we always reach 10 and in my main fellowships to + extra chests but we never get that badge. should you not recieve the...
  6. Duplicate Production window Fairy-Dwarf embassy

    Game version: v1.143.3-(1da6f32) - html5 (2021-12-20 10:57) Game world: Arendyll (dutch server) Browser/IOS/Android + version: google chrome Operating System or Mobile Device: windows Screen resolution: no clue what this is Account name: skillpowers Humans or Elves: humans i just build them...
  7. Fixed [38784] Marmer - wrong amount

    i think the picture explains itself (beta server + google chrome) only marmer shows wrong , it shows at the top that i have 4,8mil marmer but i only have 4,08mil
  8. Confirmed [39186] Capacity bug wonders because chapter 19

    on the dutch servers (winyandor) i just upgrade my main hall to level 40 (still building) (chapter 18) and i pick up my coins from my golden abbys and i noticed that my coins all of a sudden have doubled , when i check the capacity on witch its calculated on it says 160M capacity when i...
  9. Duplicate mistery forest end of questline reward

    seems that the last bug about collecting the reward got worse. can't click to even open it to see the screen -also if you refresh you first need to click on the other quest lines before it pops up.
  10. Events pet food problem

    the idea is very short but more and more buildings are coming with a "pet food" option to get extra items but nothing is done with the pet food itself , now the change of getting old artefacts is added to the spot of the pet food in the MA so less change in getting pet food. is it possible to...
  11. Not a Bug Some update is going wrong for months

    https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/upcoming-tournament-changes.16752/ Change in costs of magic spells - The current cost balancing of Enchantments leads to an uneven spending of relics. This is a disadvantage for all players, but it gets more and more critical the farer a player...
  12. Not a Bug Loading Error on Mozilla firefox (main servers)

    Game version: V1.132.3 (1bdd1o5) - html5 (2021-06-24 09:38) (dutch severs) Game world: both Browser/IOS/Android + version: Mozilla firefox (it works on google chrome) Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows Screen resolution: Account name: skillpowers Humans or Elves: humans
  13. witch hut = next event building?

    (witch hut not with hut) i got this screen while loggin in