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  1. The Silent One

    Royal Prizes

    So I guess I missed the announcement about the introduction of Royal Prizes and not sure what heading it's under but I soooooo DO NOT like it. I have played for 3 years now and since I live on a fixed income am only able to support Inno financially once a year with a small diamond purchase. I do...
  2. The Silent One

    It's just too much

    I'd love to see us go to a quarterly event style for both events and FA's. This back to back events and Fellowship Adventures is just too taxing. Not only on my city but on my nerves. Constantly attempting to build up armies and then struggling because if I complete too many provinces it puts me...
  3. The Silent One

    The Order of Silence needs your steel!

    Looking for active members boosted in steel! If you looking for a growing and upcoming Fellowship then come on over and check out The Order of Silence! The Silent One - Tina - AM
  4. The Silent One

    Searching for Steel!!!!

    The hunt for active members with steel for their boost has become outrageous! Every member that I pull up that is boosted in steel is inactive. It has become very aggravating!!!!!!! Just saying, Inno, can't you do something about this?
  5. The Silent One

    Game App for other devices

    Not sure if this is the spot to post or not! Need help getting access to the app for my Kindle. I am attaching a file with the model information. Thanks ahead of time for your help! The Silent One aka Tina
  6. The Silent One

    In desperate need!

    Newbies Welcomed! is a young fs in desperate need of steel. If you are boosted in steel and would like to help grow a fs to it's fullest potential come join our great group. We have members from all over the world and are very active in weekly tourney, Spire and FA. All but one of us play...
  7. The Silent One

    Newbies Welcomed! wants you!

    I have a couple of spots available in my fellowship 'Newbies Welcomed!'. (no quotation marks in title but we do have the !) I am in chapter 7 and most of my members are chapter 4 and below. Most of us play in live worlds and have experience. Yes we do have some rules but they aren't that bad! In...
  8. The Silent One

    Communication - Message feed among Map Neighbors

    Summary Make it easier to add new recipients to group messages. Description As a small fellowship it is often hard to grow your cities due to lack of trade ability. I recently started a chat feed with my neighbors that visit and trade regularly. It has become a fountain of fellowship and...
  9. The Silent One

    Tina's Place

    This is a new fellowship looking for beginners! And although I'm looking for beginners I still would like to see active players. Please check out our overview and if you feel this would be a good place for you to learn at your own pace feel free to join! Happy Gaming