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  1. SoggyShorts

    Units remaining after fight counter- An unwelcome change

    I noticed a very annoying change. When you finish a fight instead of simply seeing how many troops survived in each stack it counts up from zero like a gas pump. This serves no purpose other than unwanted suspense so that I have to wait to see how many troops remain. In the spire this is...
  2. SoggyShorts

    Recent Q&A Frustration.

    The notifications have needed an upgrade for over 5 years, and I tried to bring this up last Q&A but the unbelievable response was "If it's something that players really want and they bring it up more we'll look into it." Skip to 26:55 for the Question and Answer...
  3. SoggyShorts

    Fixed [38178] Can't hand in last quest

    Game version:v1.140-beta.13-(f459e5c) - html5 (2021-10-19 16:53) Game world: Browser/IOS/Android + version: Crhome latest Operating System or Mobile Device:win10 Account name: Soggy shorts Humans or Elves:elf Reproducibility: 1/1 Quest title: (if applicable) Current situation: __finish last...
  4. SoggyShorts

    Fixed [38127} Fellows can't see [?] Help on Perk tab

    Game version:v1.139-beta.9-(f8c31b2) - html5 (2021-10-01 10:15) Game world:beta Account name: soggyshorts Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: __Players with the title "fellow" can;t see the help info thing in the corner __ Expected situation: __everyone should be able to see __...
  5. SoggyShorts

    Text Perk Permissions for those below Arch Mage

    Game version: v1.139-beta.9-(f8c31b2) - html5 (2021-10-01 10:15) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome latest Operating System or Mobile Device: win 10 Screen resolution: Account name: Soggyshorts Humans or Elves: ELf Reproducibility: 5/5( Current situation: __Mages can spend...
  6. SoggyShorts

    Events Add unlimited quests to League events.

    Summary: After the initial 75 quests for the storyline add unlimited quests so that players can compete for top league spots. Motive: Currently the only way to "break the tie" between thousands of players who have all completed the same 75 quests is to be luckier or to click "buy" which is...
  7. SoggyShorts

    Ashen Phoenix in crafting?

    Does the Ashen base show up in crafting if you don't have one?
  8. SoggyShorts

    Legacy sets and Mountain halls?

    Are any of the old sets (harvest/xmas/whatever) boosted by having a mountain halls?
  9. SoggyShorts

    Old news, but still...

    I know the tournament formula is pretty much settled and inno apparently likes the way it is, but I'd like to just say once more how lame it is that this doesn't excite me anymore.
  10. SoggyShorts

    iPhone + WhatsApp + tv?

    Pretty random place to ask this, but do any of you iPhone users know how to cast/mirror your phone to a Samsung TV? The tv is smart, but not smart enough that I can download more apps. It does have a screen mirror input mode(like switching HDMI) But the phone is the problem. I'm trying to set...
  11. SoggyShorts

    New Game Features Craft spire artifacts during 6 weeks

    The spire is now on a 6-week rotation where we can get about 5-6 artifacts on average for completing the entire thing every week. The problem is that having a level 7-8 building is often not worth the space so adding an alternative to get the last few artifacts instead of waiting a full 12...
  12. SoggyShorts

    Events Convert Event currency to 1-Minute timers.

    Summary: Gimme. Motive: I want. Details: I almost never end up with zero currency a the end of an event. Lemme trade them for 1-minute timers :) Downsides: None for me.
  13. SoggyShorts

    Events Make the final Daily prize something neutral.

    I think it would be better if the prize on the last day was always something everyone can use like KP or timers so that leftover currency can better be spent in the final hours.
  14. SoggyShorts

    Events Reduce Level 1 Marble, Plank and Steel FActory construction time to 10s

    Until we get quests and FA badges that are more interesting than the Statues, Necklaces and other T1 productions please reduce the time it takes to build a new level 1 factory from 40s to 10s like a warehouse.
  15. SoggyShorts

    User Interface Split usable instants from rest in inventory

    In our inventory under instants, half of them aren't usable from that interface. In particular, having a page of unclickable Artifacts that must be moved past every time you open the interface is less than ideal. Instants Boosts(upgrades?) Coin Rain Upgrade Artifacts Portal Profit Ancient...
  16. SoggyShorts

    Fixed [33862] Frozen orc Vortex missing tooltip

    Edit: When I went to double-check I realized it's all set buildings. Maybe not a bug and just an oversight? If so Maybe I should change this into a suggestion? In factories, wonders, and culture pop buildings the tooltip shows all of the upgrade effects so it seems very strange to not show what...
  17. SoggyShorts

    Introducing Global Chat for Beta!

    Hiya everyone, we've asked for a world chat feature for long enough, and until Inno gets around to making one I figure we might as well make our own. https://join.slack.com/t/elvenarworldchat/shared_invite/zt-i1fqbd9s-2DrqxPnHtFcsPDaGNQohPQ It's on Slack and everyone is welcome to join. (please...
  18. SoggyShorts

    Quests Change quest wording for dwarven statue

    Every few months for 4 years someone comes to the forums quite frustrated at not being able to figure out where Dwarven Statues come from. A tiny little text change would fix this.
  19. SoggyShorts

    Has it been a year already?

    What's up Elvenar? I hope everyone is doing well. It looks like the game has changed a fair bit for the better- even a few familiar suggestions seem to have been implemented and a couple of major requests for tournaments are coming soon as well. TBH I can't remember (or find) the list I posted...
  20. SoggyShorts


    As some of you may have noticed I took a 2-week break to see how I felt about leaving Elvenar. After 3 years and 10,000 forum posts:eek: (7 US, 3 on Beta/EN) I think my time here is over. I'll certainly miss the forums, but I don't think I'll actually miss playing...at least not the game I've...