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  1. Empress Dee

    User Interface Add Spire and Tourney Bank totals to main fellowship page.

    Possible that I missed it, but I'd like to be able to tell how many points are in bank while the event is not. Active, rather than just the possible size of the bank.
  2. Empress Dee

    Events Skipped FA & artifacts

    I'm all on board with the skippd FA in beta, but the problem is that it doesn't give ppl opportunity to pick up missing artifacts. I you skip FA in live worlds, please make sure that the artifacts are available in the event.
  3. Empress Dee

    Events FA checklist

    It would be incredibly helpful if a tab were added to Fellowship during Fellowship Adventure indicating wherther a member has placed in each stage. Name, stage1, stage2, stage3 _______________________________ JohnDoe, yes,no,yes Frodo,no,no,no Bilbo,yes,yes,yes
  4. Empress Dee

    New Game Features Spectral stone

    Ther spectral stone is placed too close to other resources, way too easy to accidently spend it. Its also pretty worthless in that it only applies to one slot rather than the whole encounter.
  5. Empress Dee

    Not a Bug Phoenix Event Introduction keeps re-appearing

    Game version:v1.125-beta.9-(f50a2fd) - html5 (2021-03-09 08:25) HTML5 Yes/No:Yes Game world:Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome Flash Player version:n/a Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows10 Screen resolution: Account name: Empress Dee Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 3/5...
  6. Empress Dee

    Why no sales in Beta?

    I've been seeing sales (Black Friday/Cyber Monday) sales in the regular cities, but not on Beta. I have plenty of diamonds there, I'd like some more in Beta, but have yet to see a sale here. Are there ever sales in Beta?
  7. Empress Dee

    Not a Bug Case Sensitive Name search

    Could you please correct the issue where name searches are case sensitive? It should be much easier to search for folks, and requiring each letter to match on case adds un-needed complexity. John vs john