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  1. CrazyWizard

    How events could be so much more fun.

    Years and years and years ago I suggested we need "event" cities as they allow so much more fun events. I now played a game that shows how much more fun events could be if we disconnect them from our main cities. This is an example of a special town. Troughout the town you find special...
  2. CrazyWizard

    Is this a joke?

    Last time I checked you cannot make a forum account without an in-game account. And last time I checked my ingame account is live and kicking So WTF is this?, a system error?
  3. CrazyWizard

    Keeping It Fair; Squad Size & Random Production Bonus Issues

    I am getting increasingly frustrated about how Innogames handles this game. Currently there is this new thing the tripple speed production bonus. This gives some people a massive boost in goods that can be used in tournaments, This week on live it was given away this weekend during the...
  4. CrazyWizard

    Summer Event: The March of the Herds (spoiler)

    As the new event started on beta, As always I will write up all the quests and rewards (will take me a day to get all rewards done so give that page some time please) Main Quests Daily Quests Rewards As this is once again a mayor event the probability chart from fasdfTTT is once again very...
  5. CrazyWizard

    Fixed [15489] Endless Excavation gives wrong amount of supplies at lvl 14

    Game version: __ v1.28-(0a93bbcaf) (2017-04-06 16:21) Game world: __beta1 Browser + version: __Chrome 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) Flash Player version: __Included in chrome Operating System: __win 7 Screen resolution: __ Account name: __CrazyWizard Humans or Elves: __Elves Reproducibility: __/5 (1/5...
  6. CrazyWizard

    Final Plea: Fix or Scrap the new AI

    This is my final plea for that @#%!$$!~ AI you guys have build, it has completely killed the Autocombat feature. I will try to explain why you guys have #$@#%^ up the battlesystem. without a good working autocombat feature the battle experience becomes extremely annoying, resulting in soon...
  7. CrazyWizard

    Not a Bug [13296] Chapter 8 observatory adds the wrong culture value

    Game version: __ v1.26-(3393698ce) (2017-03-17 7:21) Game world: __beta1 Browser + version: __any Flash Player version: __any Operating System: __any Screen resolution: __any Account name: __Crazywizard Humans or Elves: __any Reproducibility:5/5 Current situation: Chapter 7 observatory adds...
  8. CrazyWizard

    Trader Solving the cross tier trade permanently

    On the international forums I have recalculated what should be the "best" trade ratio for 2 star trades. It would be great if we can finally get rid of that insane 1:4:16 ratio. This calculation is based on how much goods per square you produce. this does not look at just the factory level but...
  9. CrazyWizard

    Battle Tournaments in a semi randomised order.

    Would it be possible to have individual tournaments within it's own group |Marble, Steel, Wood|Crystal, Silk, Scrolls|Elixer, Magic Dust, Gems| be arranged differently in each cycle of tournaments? I am one of the lucky players with Elixer, Crystal and Marble as my bonus goods, so my...
  10. CrazyWizard

    Fixed [12987] Production boost blooming Trader guild to high at lvl 20

    Found this bug in the game dataset, I wonder if there is even a player with a Blooming Trader at lvl 20 yet. Just look at the numbers above and below the enlarged red number. it doesnt fit. This comes from the current v1.23.4-(785f9e5) (2017-02-09 10:50) game.
  11. CrazyWizard

    Please Repair the Sorceress

    With the new "multiply" rules the sorceres has become absolutly pathetic. Those modifications were made under the old rules, but with the new ones no one ever bothered to look at the effects it has on the modified sorceress. Orc General, Swampmonster? Unless the sorceress outnumbers them by...
  12. CrazyWizard

    Reward List for Wonder Assistance

    Everything has been moved to this website crazywizard.info/en/index-en.html enjoy -CW
  13. CrazyWizard

    Forest Fabrication

    Could anyone tell/show me what the upgrade costs for this building are. Our wiki is unfortunatly MIA, and will be that way for another while, but I am about to reach the next fase and like to know how to proceed. edit: oh the glade/portal as well please
  14. CrazyWizard

    Duplicate Hand Shakes on the World Map

    With our new found lovely helping neighbours, the notification pannel is no longer able te tell us who helped us and who didn't. So I like to suggest the handshakes we see today at the notification pannel to be shown at the players city pictures. A golden handshake, for a city in which you...
  15. CrazyWizard

    Fixed [11224] Goes to wonder unwanted

    I am not far enough on beta to be annoyed by this bug yet Game version: __ v1.11.8-(ff41728) (2016-08-08 9:33) Game world: __en2, nl 1 / beta1 Browser + version: __chrome Flash Player version: __build in chrome Operating System: __win 10 Screen resolution: __ Account name: __CrazyWizard (on all...
  16. CrazyWizard

    Duplicate Contest Quest wrong reward

    According to the wiki we earn moon shards with both the contest as the episodic quests yet I am getting a spell no moon shards.
  17. CrazyWizard

    Fixed [9619] Quest Demand accepts any relic

    While fighting a Scroll Province I completed a quest requiring to collect 3 marble relics Game version: __ v1.5-2ff7b61-(staging) (2016-04-27 9:17) Game world: __Beta 1 Browser + version: __ Versie 50.0.2661.94 m (64-bit) Flash Player version: __chrome internal Operating System: __Win 7...
  18. CrazyWizard

    Not a Bug Quest finished before condition is met

    A picture(or 2) say more than a 1000 words
  19. CrazyWizard

    Tournament Enemies way way way to strong for low level players

    I dont need the diamonds unless there rewarded to my nl @Arendyl account with the same name, have no use for them on beta. When playing the tournaments at chapter 2/3, this is wehn you have 48/60 swordfighter II and the plain archer only. This screenshot is with 60 unitssize and at the start...