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  1. Not a Bug Quest Chapter 13

    Game version: v1.155-beta.13-(9f0e96e) - html5 (2022-06-23 18:54) Game world: beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: google chrome Operating System or Mobile Device: windows 10 Screen resolution: no clue where to find this Account name: Skillpowers Humans or Elves: humans in chapter 13...
  2. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    2 of the "goods" should dissapear , make 1 of them change on getting pet food and make the other an 8h timer.
  3. Elvengems doesn't work

    i think it will no longer be updated
  4. Undocumented changes

    im not sure where those "weeds" are but i only play on my PC , but right now the building space is 13x13 but its already designed to go into 14x14 when the time comes around , so maybe its in those locations thats the weeds have dissapeared?
  5. Fellowship description in other languages.

    when i joined beta and i noticed a fellowship discription in a language i didn't understand , then i already know its a fellowship for people specificly of that country so i won't join it and i did try to look for a fellowship with people that speak my language , (if i could not find that then...
  6. Fellowship description in other languages.

    i think the "language" for fellowships should be allowed in other then just english since some people are not good in english and they like a fellowship with other people of their language. just the forum and support should be english only.
  7. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    i hope the new way adventures work (every 2 events) will stay in place. much more relaxing then doing one after every single event
  8. A new event - no Fellowship Adventure ?

    i think there will be an adventure every 2 events , and that you can pick an artefact then for the last 2 events if you are missing one , might be better then an adventure after every single event.
  9. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    it always stays till the fa ends or few days after fa ends
  10. What rule should go first?

    if you are new in the bs you can't give help or get help for 24 hrs so people can't exploit getting xp's. its that simple. if a fs member that is new (or you join that person fs) then rule 2 falls inplace because that is now FS related.
  11. Not a Bug Not sure if this is considered a bug.

    this is not a bug , its how it should work , its been like that since is started to play begin 2020
  12. Not a Bug Not sure if this is considered a bug.

    this is thesame for every game that has a "day reset".
  13. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    as a fellowship you can get alot of druid badges if ur fellowship reaches gold in the tower, also you could stack up alot of the badges infront if everyones make them long before the FA begins (like straight after regular event)
  14. will the new combat boost buildings be in the academy?

    i just got a offer on the live game to buy combat boost buildings , 2 of the 3 new ones however have a 175% boost instead of the 150% and 1 new has 150% (as it should be) will these new buildings also be availeble in the acedemy in the future?
  15. Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    they could change the mechanics for scout a province that you just need to "start" scouting like they changed with the coldfire phoenix.
  16. Cannot reproduce Echoes of the Forgotten

    yeah but the icon of sentient goods also shows up when im not collecting orcs.
  17. Cannot reproduce Echoes of the Forgotten

    Game version: v1.150-beta.9-(ee99d52) - html5 (2022-03-18 08:53) Game world: NL Winyandor Browser/IOS/Android + version: google chrome Operating System or Mobile Device: pc Screen resolution: Account name: skillpowers Humans or Elves: humans im posting this here because i think i know where...
  18. Not a Bug Finish province seems not the same as completing province

    i have done complete a province for that quest on chrome and it works for me.