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  1. The Silent One

    Discussion Easier Neighbourly Help

    Can't wait til it's implemented! Do I need to log off and log back in or will the updates go in to affect later today? I'm in southern USA
  2. The Silent One

    Discussion Runeshard Changes

    I always get the terminology wrong but doesn't the stones give a AW boost if you have an excess in stock?
  3. The Silent One

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    any idea on what map we will be using this time?
  4. The Silent One

    Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    I didn't go to Elvenstats to look but SlyLady must be in one He*l of a FS! Guess I'm going to have to go see where she is!
  5. The Silent One

    Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    But then only the AM would have to pay diamonds for a reset! As an AM who only has 50 diamonds that would be very painful for me!
  6. The Silent One

    Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    Sorry, my best friend's husband calls me PIA with "the" being understood! I often forget to add it when writing! I am the original PITA!!!!! Have a great day and Happy Gaming :cool:
  7. The Silent One

    Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    IMHO, the more I read the more I feel that the FS Perks is going to be more of a PIA than anything! I could be wrong later down the line but I just don't think so!
  8. The Silent One

    Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    So, if a mage uses the perks then that goes to the whole FS? correct? what happens if I press the reset all button?
  9. The Silent One

    Royal Prizes

    So I guess I missed the announcement about the introduction of Royal Prizes and not sure what heading it's under but I soooooo DO NOT like it. I have played for 3 years now and since I live on a fixed income am only able to support Inno financially once a year with a small diamond purchase. I do...
  10. The Silent One

    Discussion Fellowship Members Online Status

    rotflmao! I never even noticed it!
  11. The Silent One

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I feel this would only benefit members in the upper chapters.
  12. The Silent One

    It's just too much

    I'd love to see us go to a quarterly event style for both events and FA's. This back to back events and Fellowship Adventures is just too taxing. Not only on my city but on my nerves. Constantly attempting to build up armies and then struggling because if I complete too many provinces it puts me...
  13. The Silent One

    Discussion Balancing Changes: Moonstone Library

    Personally, I enjoyed the mana that was received
  14. The Silent One

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Inno, you are really trying my patience! I love this game but all of the changes are starting to get on my nerve and now I log on to find that I'm totally unprepared for the FA. As an Arch Mage this is totally unappreciated! Just totally blown away this morning. And now, I've been booted from...
  15. The Silent One

    Searching for Steel!!!!

    Can't win for loosing some days!
  16. The Silent One

    Either... or game

    Bridge, don't like the idea of being under water that can cave in on you! Motorcyle or Car
  17. The Silent One

    Looking for FS boosted in steel/scrolls/elixir

    I am sooo sorry that I did not see your post earlier! If you happen to not be happy with your current FS The Order of Silence will gladly welcome you in! Tina
  18. The Silent One

    Searching for Steel!!!!

    well, most of my members did start new cities and we are growing but it is still hard to find active steel players. But hey, never give up and never give in is my motto!
  19. The Silent One

    The Order of Silence needs your steel!

    Looking for active members boosted in steel! If you looking for a growing and upcoming Fellowship then come on over and check out The Order of Silence! The Silent One - Tina - AM