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  1. Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    Please name at least one/two of them with tasty name, nothing disgusting Toffee Truffle or Cocoa Cocoon from @BlueSoul were amazing
  2. Discussion Chapter 19 - Revenge of the Exile Discussion

    It's not even in files (absolutely nothing) and it's more than 7 months after release of chapter 19, either they are extremely lazy or they plan 1 chapter per year. New cauldron function is also "empty". Normally games build up hype for upcoming content which is strange why they don't.
  3. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    With Bluestacks you need to be careful, some games or apps consider this as usage through third-party programms and can ban you. I've got this once.
  4. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    When cauldron and chapter 20 drop it will be huge boost of interest for the game, I hope, as now we have only repetitive events.
  5. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    I'm very happy with unurium and KP, very disappointed with not needed ascended goods but they don't care and so do I, just treat it as a chance to get unurium/KP once in a while and that not needed :rolleyes: doesn't take my attention off good prizes. 50 KP is huge, 10 KP instant is nice...
  6. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Long time there was nothing for T3. Sirens/Gingerbread Houses had only Tavern from Tavern set as a counterpart for 2 years. +Goods depend on chapter in this case. It gives sentient/ascended goods later.
  7. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    90% sure we will soon. xD
  8. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Ascended goods for chapter 19 are terrible quantity + useless, there's no use for them outside chapters.
  9. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    For 7th birthday it could at least produce a spell or something xD
  10. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Really expected the chance to get 2nd stonehenge base, but they gave just 2nd Glory of The Nimble base instead of book with choice :/ Well, another year with 10 artifacts and no 2nd base... Shame.
  11. Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    Building is beautiful but 60% to get ascended goods 1st tier is not a good prize. They have absolutely no use in game atm + we produce much more in 3h in 1 manufactory than here in 24h (6400) Things like pet food, various spells, royal restoration, unit instants, units, vision vapor, sips of...
  12. New event..

    And chapter 20? It's like almost June and we're not even in testing... Last one was launched in November... No places in between events to rest, but Chapters are more and more spread between each other and getting longer and more repetitive
  13. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Looks like we will have only 1 new chapter per year, as there's almost June and not even traces of it. Wish they focused on base game instead of events every month, missing crafting challenges and mini events
  14. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    @Lovec Krys Picking currency from the map is even more important in "Shuffle" type events than in normal ones. 20-30 a day x22 days of event = 440 to 660 additional currency to use. Here we don't have chests that may reward you 100 to 500 currency like in normal events. Also live servers always...
  15. Discussion Naturally Amazing

    Does anyone have Hummingbird Temple in their city? I want to check out animation
  16. Discussion Release Notes version 1.152

    Still nothing on chapter 20, if trend continues we will have 1 chapter per year or even less... Worrying is that 2022 will probably be 1st year since launch (7 years ago) of the game with just 1 chapter released.
  17. wishing wells

    We could have 30-50 wishing wells at once when events were generous and rewarded doing endless quests in events instead of "who will get most x500 with 5% chance, will be in Golden League". Genie is so low chance that i've had myself 270+ days on live version without a single Genie from Spire.
  18. Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    Anything new for endgame players? Some activities? Race colonies? Underground? Heavens? Temple of something? Forest of something else? Spire shop? Tavern system? Something to make it less boring creating badges/monsters for 6th straight month, 5th straight chapter?
  19. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    If they continue the trend we will reach 1 year per chapter which will be boring... Unless they finally bring "colony" settlement system from FOE that sits and waits to be implemented as it offers years of fun but well.. They have 5 different types already.
  20. (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    These players who already finished the chapter are not normal players. They used time skippers, diamonds, majority of them pushed their wonders to level 35 with 50 multi-accounts before Inno made that "block" on ancient wonder points to halt other players from catching them. Realistically 2-3...