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  1. Lovec Krys

    Why is the setting for (not) moving city unavailable?

    This is serious. Why is this settings gone? Is only the menu missing, or can my cities now be moved when they had the settings unchecked (=not moved) for years?
  2. Lovec Krys

    Deleted messages Issue

    This is a message to the developers, that by making deleted message threads reappearing again they have created an issue for all players who are now spammed with unwanted KP swap threads (in my beta city case dozens of spam messages per day). In my case this resulted in me reading and deleting...
  3. Lovec Krys

    Duplicate FA badges claimable 2 times

    Some badges are claimable 2 times (at least blacksmiths & bears for sure, probably necklaces, spells (Wand) seems to be given only once). At least on Firefox & HTML5. Not sure about other platforms & browsers.
  4. Lovec Krys

    Teleport for wonders?

    This question is for Inno insiders: Are there any plans for allowing wonders to be teleported? Or should we simply destroy our obsolete wonders and loose all invested KPs?
  5. Lovec Krys

    City Magic academy improvements

    This suggestion is actualy group of suggestions which tries to address two current issues with Magic academy. I'm aware that if this gets to the developers, it will be their decision if and how this gets implemented (which parts yes and which not). 1) Spell creation speed issue With crafting...