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  1. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    how about 1: pearlflower 2: beetlenut 3: slimey snail 4: bloody tulip 5: egg bindweed 6: cocoon peas 7: squidbrain 8: talking berrys 9: spying nuts 10: essence of a leaf 11: coliflour 12: shell of a fetus
  2. Heymrdiedier

    Trader Make trader available during upgrade

    the fact that unurium or seed production stops, doesn't bother me that much (that i can stockpile beforehand). But in every tech, upgrade of buildings you never need the stuff you can produce yourself, you need to trade it to +1 or +2 production. So in that way, and upgrade of 3 days, means i...
  3. Heymrdiedier

    Trader Make trader available during upgrade

    while i like your analogy with the real world, elvenar is fantasy so no reflection of reality at all :). But if that is the reasoning then neighbourly help should also be unavailable on main hall that is in upgrade either, and they changed that long ago so it would be possible. (was impossible...
  4. Heymrdiedier

    Trader Make trader available during upgrade

    so not many people interested it seem. Im guessing this idea will get shelved then :)
  5. Heymrdiedier

    Trader Make trader available during upgrade

    I'm not sure why we disabled this in the first place, but I don't see a benefit of it from anyone that we can't trade anymore when we upgrade. I remember we used to still be able to use the trader by using the shortcut T, and i think (tho not sure) that it was also possible as some point to...
  6. Heymrdiedier

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I don't see the point, most FS are already struggling to get their members to get to the top before the timer is up. And many people are (rightfully) complaining that its too expensive. So adding another level would just increase the stress on fellowships? I don't see why inno would even...
  7. Heymrdiedier

    Undocumented changes

    I don't see the fuss, even a real life prinses will change her hairstyle and gown from time to time. Its no big deal? Some people try to fight it (for example Cher), but is it really that troublesome that someone's appearances change over time? Its not like it went from fantasy animation into...
  8. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    you could just not take the orange path, if you think your fellowship cant handle this?
  9. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    honestly does it really matter that much? I'm pretty sure no one is really wanting to know the exact numbers, since they are like soo easy to get. Since the new BSA change i dont even ever look at it, they just come in automaticly
  10. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    I'm not sure what your point is with your post, but I'd like to pitch in anyway: you needed to do the exact same for the quest 'build a barracks' before they changed the tech tree?
  11. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.152

    usually it becomes clear when a new chapter is on the horizon, its when Karvest starts to spoil us with nice pictures :). And that hasnt happened yet, so i dont think its coming any time soon.
  12. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    I'm not sure why you think that. As soon as you reach dwarves, you need to focus on your guest race production for the first time. so what you have saved isnt that much of an influence as you try to imply here. (the guest race buildings only need hammers and coins). they might have done less...
  13. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    I think its very logical, they have developed so many chapters already, it will take a new player years before they can reach the new stuff. So why not help them get their faster. Portal profits was a good way to do that, but you need to get past chapter 5 before you can even use those, so...
  14. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    i think we have to keep in mind that with this change, they are also drasticly reducingthe amount of kp needed for a chapter. So everyone should be able to fly into chapter 5 without many issues. (except maybe that you wont be able to get enough finished provinces in time)
  15. Heymrdiedier

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    its in chapter 5 now (tournament in chapter 4). Before you needed chapter 3 for it, so i dont know why that tech isnt in chapter 3...
  16. Heymrdiedier

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Im not really sure that threshold it true. Many of the end game players stopped advancing in tech once the new tournament/spire formulae kicked in. And they chapters kept coming anyway at the expected times. Im also not sure enough people even make it to end tech still. Some chapters are so...
  17. Heymrdiedier

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    think that's mainly because the latest prizes are only mediocre, and its easy to replace mediocre prizes with new mediocre prizes in the next chapter. Long ago there were some exceptional prizes that were pretty good, and were worth keeping even for new players for many chapters, but that's all...
  18. Heymrdiedier

    What rule should go first?

    how about if I rephrase it like this: Rule 1) If I join a FS I can give all my fellows the enhanced FS NH (longer times to get gold hands and perk points), as soon as the 24h lock out is over. Rule 2) If I have someone in my scouted area I can give them normal NH. FS NH and normal NH, aren't...
  19. Heymrdiedier

    I doubt this should be possible :-)

    Long long ago i did orcs chapter with a very big negative culture. Once that was finished, i needed the mana so the chapter after that, i did the whole chapter with negative population. Good old days :)
  20. Heymrdiedier

    Indicate production costs on buildings menu

    Not only last chapter. In teamspirit I felt click baited as well. My portal description said that it would be able to create 1 team spirit badge every xx hours. But instead I couldn't craft anything for many weeks because I didn't have the other guest race buildings and their productions yet. I...