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  1. GrayEyes

    Small cities

    This is my small city and very small city. :) Ad Astra 12420 tournament average , Per Aspera 9518 :)
  2. GrayEyes

    Rebalance of evolving buildings/unfairness towards newer players

    I am a player Elvenar.tr . I have one fire phoenix and a brown bear, my tournament is dead, I'm only in the game for my friends. “Let justice be done though the games fall.”
  3. GrayEyes

    Cannot reproduce [36360] Ascended goods - Recently added offer

    I reported this bug to support on live server 1 month ago
  4. GrayEyes

    Discussion Tournament changes

    i would like to know that too
  5. GrayEyes

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    @Karvest you have images "Fairy Queen's Refuge" ? :)
  6. GrayEyes

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I haven’t played a tournament for a month now because it’s already impossible with my city in live server. I open my 8x6 and go to play another game.
  7. GrayEyes

    if the city was demolished

    We apparently have different rules. This player was compensated for the damage, namely AW.
  8. GrayEyes

    if the city was demolished

    I have a question. If one player shared his password with a friend and this so-called friend passed the password to a third party who disliked the player, and, having taken possession of his password, demolished everything that could be demolished, will they compensate the injured party...
  9. GrayEyes

    Other Tournament score

    Yes you are right I'm leaving the game, this is my last tournament. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th accounts in the ranking belong to me. I'm upset :(
  10. GrayEyes

    Other Tournament score

    My English is not enough. I want to share a player's comment, I agree. I can no longer compete on our live server, my city is a waste. We used to play without this.
  11. GrayEyes

    Other Tournament score

    Remove tournament points then most players won't be so unhappy with unfair competition.
  12. GrayEyes

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    This image is not beautiful at all, I know there is no extra profit but it was made with 15 small accounts just for show off. This upsets other players who work hard.
  13. GrayEyes

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    :) Sorry for my english, i mean week spire after release note :))
  14. GrayEyes

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    Yes I know. 2. image belongs to the next spire week.
  15. GrayEyes

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    My spire before release notes After release notes Nothing changed İ have all premium expansions Thanks Elvenar.
  16. GrayEyes

    Tournament squad size calc - we need your data!

    When a new tournament system comes to us, I also provide my data. My AW level so much :(
  17. GrayEyes

    Discussion Tournament Changes (post-release)

    I will do the same on the live server, if premium expansion takes effect in the tournament.:(
  18. GrayEyes

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.105

    Or Shortcut Keys
  19. GrayEyes

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.98

    Thanks to the 3rd star "frog prince", elves and the human race have equal rights in the tournament and the spire. Please do not change anything. Humans already supressed the elves.
  20. GrayEyes

    Chapter 15?

    Thank you Karvest :)