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  1. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Dr. Freakenspleen

    I'm on beta to test new features, including events. So on beta I will likely play all the events, FA's, etc. However this event was boring and the prizes were just ok. This means that I will be opting out of this event when it hits live servers with all 3 of my cities there. I would rather...
  2. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Autumn Zodiac

    The answer to the problem of people having many bears at high levels...or any other evolving building is simple: DO NOT allow more than one bear (evolving building type) to be placed in a city. Or even just after reaching 10 artifacts of a certain type a player can no longer collect them and...
  3. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    My feedback, after trying the Spire with the newest round of changes made: 1. I still love the convince feature. One more "try" would be great especially when needing 5 or more goods. 2. I still think that the goods prices are too high to be losing in each round of guessing. 3. I still think...
  4. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    I played the most recent version of the Spire, here are my thoughts on it: 1. - Convince is FUN! 2. - Convince is expensive and with more goods needed, more chances need to be given. 3. - In Convince, the amounts of goods need to be lowered if we are to lose them each time we guess. If we don't...
  5. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Some stats: If I won the most common prizes (highest %) on map 1, I would get: 30 Diamonds 12 1hr instants 3 2hr instants 2000 Fragments 3 Catalysts 1 5% Portal Profit 4 coin/supply instants If I won the rarest prizes (lowest %) on map 1, I would get: 20 catalysts 12,000 Fragments 1 10% Portal...
  6. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Feedback: Positives: 1. Interesting new thing to do on Elvenar. 2. Convince costs seem feasible and I like that they are somewhat different from tournament negotiating/catering costs. 3. 1 battle for 1 chest is great! 4. Solo capability, with no one pressuring you to score a certain number of...
  7. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Carnival

    I really like the event. The graphics are nice, the layout for the prizes/chests is simple to follow, and the flags make it easy and seemingly faster to reach prizes. However I am missing the 3rd set building, I won yesterday (already made a ticket) and in all the flags needed/chests opened to...
  8. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    I do not consider myself a free to play player. Yet I have only the 1 magical building that was given to us via Inno, as a sort of sorry for changing the population and culture of many event buildings, with the promise of an ability to upgrade these nerfed buildings in the future. I have spent...
  9. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    I can see how separating the BP from the RR would seem to resolve the previous RR release issues. However the RR was originally created to fulfill a promise to make BP's usable to players without magic buildings. With this latest update, we have a new feature...the RR. Which is great. However...
  10. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    I just cannot understand why a blueprints value needed to change, to implement a way to upgrade event buildings. A blueprint was a reward only obtainable by serious tournament efforts in Fellowships once a week. It was worth 1 upgrade to ANY magic residence or workshop regardless of chapter...
  11. blackbudahflyb

    Fixed [24435] S&D buildings miss produce tab

    This is happening to me as well...
  12. blackbudahflyb

    Fixed [22212] Buildings out of grid

    Game version: v1.57-(feb49a376)-(master) (2018-06-08 15:12) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: FireFox NPAPI Flash Player version: Operating System: Windows 10 Screen resolution: 1600x900 Account name: blackbudahflyb Humans or Elves: Elves Reproducibility: 5/5 Current...
  13. blackbudahflyb

    Fixed [21216] Missing street image

    This is also happening to me.
  14. blackbudahflyb

    Fixed [20852] Mobile - Cannot log in on mobile

    Me too. I tried logging on laptop too, and it did not log me out. Beta is just stuck on 5/16.
  15. blackbudahflyb

    NEW website Elvenstats.com!

    Absolutely brilliant site! There are so many awesome features! This will also make rearranging my city so much easier! ALL of the very active members who create sites to help us Elvenar players should be praised, NOT hated on. Where would we all be without these guides, spreadsheets, quest...
  16. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I belong to 4 Fellowships. None of them have even talked about participating or not in this new FA. I have not set up 2 day and 1 day items for those badge collections for Beta. Why? Because I do not intend on continuing to test things in Beta. I am playing Beta like I do any other City on live...
  17. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Yep me too! 2 of the 3 live server FS's that I belong to have voted to largely ignore this FA. The remaining FS is optimistic that it won't be that hard.
  18. blackbudahflyb

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Uhhhh, shouldn't beta be used to test something out, tweak it, test it again, then deliver a good product (event) to the general public (live servers)?