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  1. Discussion Chapter 15: The Elvenar

    Yes, but it makes the game experience unfair and unbalanced for some players - if you're lucky enough to have the goods which happen to be in demand, you'll be way ahead of the ones who aren't. And "supply and demand" is great, but I can't change my boosts to supply more of something that's...
  2. Fixed Spire of Eternity: Mystery Chest popup message - "lead" -> "led"

    When the Mystery Chest is available in the Spire of Eternity, an icon appears in the top-left corner of the Spire screen. The hover-text on that icon is "A Mystery Chest appeared on the Map. Click here to be lead to the Chest." "lead" should be "led" in the text ...
  3. Sentient Goods Calculator

    ... surprised no-one else has commented on this. Very useful tool ! Thanks for making it :) (... so in case anyone didn't already know, if you only have one of each Sentient Goods manu, you're doomed. You will literally not be able to get enough Sentient goods to get through the Elvenars...
  4. Trader Trader upgrade should increase divine seeds production

    I seem to be needing all of my production of T4/T5/T6 at the moment, and then some (and that's with liberal use of Magical Manufacturing spells), not sure skipping for a day is a great idea :)
  5. Trader Trader upgrade should increase divine seeds production

    Some numbers: 9hr T4 (level 27) - 3200 seeds 9hr T5 (level 27) - 3900 seeds 9hr T6 (level 24) - 3000 seeds My trader gives 14229 per 24 hours, plus 2139 collection bonus. Assuming 2 rounds of production per day, I need 20200 seeds per day. Assuming 2 collections per day as well, I get 18500...
  6. World Map Increase province expansion limit

    But there are limits - beyond 457, I'd say most province fights are going to be unwinnable, which means negotiation. Looking at an open 16th-ring province now, it takes approximately 100k each of T1, T2 and T3 goods. Now, I can afford that. I can even afford to do that 10 times, which would...
  7. World Map Increase province expansion limit

    Many players are near or beyond the current province expansion limit (457 provinces). This limit should be increased or removed entirely, to encourage players to keep exploring the world map (and occasionally obtain a much-needed expansion).
  8. Trader Trader upgrade should increase divine seeds production

    (I thought this had been suggested already, but maybe it was only in feedback threads, so ...) When the Trader is upgraded from level 2-3, 3-4, or 4-5, the amount of divine seeds produced should increase, beyond the current formula of (Main Hall level) x (no. of provinces completed). For a...
  9. Fixed [25970] Error message when finishing building upgrade using Booster instants

    Still occurring in HTML5 in version : v1.74-(00226ef) (2019-02-22 12:11)
  10. Fixed [25970] Error message when finishing building upgrade using Booster instants

    Same here, started to upgrade an Elixir Manufactory from 23 to 24 (27hrs+), tried to use a 5hr booster, got an "Internal error". Tried again with 5hr and a 3min, got the same both times.
  11. Discussion Release Notes version 1.67

    ... where did you see that ? Officially from Inno ? Otherwise, what is your source ?
  12. Events Player's choice for last day of event

    Not sure about the $$$ part, but I do like the idea of having a "second chance", when there was something missed near the start of the event.
  13. Not a Bug [mobile]Log-in information in version v. 1.64

    Ironically, this is almost exactly the feature I've been waiting for since they introduced the mobile version, I want to be able to switch between different worlds and different servers without ever having to enter username/password for each one. I say "almost", because I use different...
  14. Discussion Release Notes version 1.64

    40 squares for the factories, but each factory needs 1048 population. Your level 21 residences give 901 population in 12 squares (75 pop/square), so each factory needs about 14 squares of population. Also, each level 19 factory needs 276 culture, and each level 21 residence needs 382 culture...
  15. Discussion The Amuni

    Has anyone reached a quest to sell the Elemental portal yet ? I'm wondering how long I need to have it cluttering up my city :)
  16. Discussion The Amuni

    Yes, the overall city space is increasing to 60x60 squares. But, there are three different ways to unlock expansions in your city : Premium Expansions - you can buy two more with this GR (at the usual rip-off prices ...) Province Expansions - no increase in the limit of 457 provinces (this is...
  17. Discussion The Amuni

    Can you please please please take some feedback to the developers that the province expansion limit really needs to be raised with this chapter on the live servers ? All four of my worlds are likely to hit 457 provinces during this guest race, and I'm sure there are hundreds of other players in...
  18. Elven architect - Latest updates

    ... and every now and then, some of that info does pop up from some of the "no, I'm not a developer, really I'm not" types on the forums.
  19. Having to reload/refresh in order to reset buildings?

    In Firefox, Flash version appears to be : (I'm a bit behind on updates :) ) In Edge: (64-bit) In Chrome: (64-bit) So whatever Edge and Chrome are using, it appears to be the same version.
  20. Having to reload/refresh in order to reset buildings?

    After the latest Windows 10 upgrade, when using Edge I'm now 100% unable to open any manufactories, workshops, etc to reset production. I've switched to Chrome (same OS, same Flash version), and it's working fine on all four worlds I play on, so there must be something not-quite-right in Edge...