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  1. jps54

    Opinion poll, Should Elvenar be able to change a functioning prize in any way?

    After its been won.? And the event is over. My vote is no.
  2. jps54

    Duplicate Mana hut produces dust but does not add it too goods and....

    Is not functioning correctly. You can repeat click it, and that's not the only one that messed up... Game version: __ (right click ingame, click the version number to copy it, paste here)1.45 Game world: __Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: __n/a Flash Player version: __ chrome 64 bit built...
  3. jps54

    City size question.

    I have heard that there will be no more city size increase for chapter 12. Is this true, and if so I am probably done. There is a quite a few players like me that have maxed the current city size and I believe your decision not to increase it anymore will affect your player base quite a bit, you...
  4. jps54

    Server Error

    On both US2 and Beta
  5. jps54

    Android version of Elvenar for pc

    Install this first https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html Then find Elvenar the normal way in BlueStacks To enable Virtualization follow these steps in Windows 10 When using BlueStacks Virtualzation must be enabled or it way slow. ⦁ Right click windows key ⦁ Select Settings ⦁...
  6. jps54

    Cannot reproduce Magic WS supplies did not count towards

    Gain a decent amount of supplies
  7. jps54

    Black Company has 1 maybe 2 openings

    Please Message Arc Mage. Must be a tourney player and active. We do 1 push every 4 - 6 weeks
  8. jps54

    Set buildings.

    I feel there a mistake no one has room to group buildings in a set....
  9. jps54

    Chapter 11 when?

    I completed 11 on Winnyador/US2
  10. jps54

    Looking for more active Fellowship.

    Steel, Scrolls, Elixer
  11. jps54

    Duplicate Gold rounding error resurfaced.

    I been experiencing it for a few weeks now says 1 short of max add gold from more than one residence to hit max.
  12. jps54

    Duplicate Can't open notifications

    It opens but never loads and hangs
  13. jps54

    Get rid of the pay a good amount quest

    I refuse to do them. The reward is no where worth the set back,,,,
  14. jps54

    Fixed [17277] Unable to upgrade residences if maxed on Coins & Supplies

    lvl 15 mh lvl 12-14 residences Chapter 6
  15. jps54

    Cannot reproduce last task in event is bugged

    24 encounters, did 25 got credit for 16. Its stuck at 16
  16. jps54

    Not a Bug After a trade goods not updated

    to you reload game.
  17. jps54

    Cannot reproduce [15899] Error in gold counter

    Keeps saying it needs just 1 more gold even after collecting several times...
  18. jps54

    Neighborly help bug

    When will this be fixed, I had as many as 10 polishing on one particular clickable culture item in one day...:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  19. jps54

    Duplicate Burning egg gets polished

    And had it polished 6 times so far today....