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  1. change user name

    Ok, thank you all! I contacted them and they are "looking into it." :kp:
  2. How long is the "locked out" period for new fellowship members ?

    Yes, I just joined one yesterday (Friday) and am locked out of this tournament (unless I want to play for my own benefit). I *would be able to participate in the upcoming spire but I also just recently started my world on this server, so I have a couple of chapters to go before I can do that!
  3. Newb in Beta!

    Thanks Soggy and SyreArca! :)
  4. Tournament question

    Oh gotcha. I've *tried to do that, but no luck yet! :confused:
  5. Newb in Beta!

    Well... Since since you've said so! I asked this is another thread, but is there a way to change this name, both in the game and in the forums?
  6. What do you´ll listen to? Music Videos

    Well, you were the only one for a long time! Nevertheless, for the last while I've been listening to a lot of Home Free, which is an a cappella group with its roots in country. They are very fun! For a longer while I've been listening to a lot of older country (think Johnny Cash and Hank...
  7. Either... or game

    Ummmm... I don't know why mountains or beach question now says I posted it. I did *not post it!
  8. Either... or game

    Mountains! (As long as there are no cliffs to possibly fall off of!) Health food or junk food?
  9. Either... or game

  10. The person below me...

    Hmmmm... Sometimes I can can get into the Halloween costume parties and sometimes seems like too much trouble. xD That said, before I moved I was invited to help put on a Halloween haunted house, and was very excited to do that (but something happened and it was cancelled for the one time...
  11. Newb in Beta!

    Hi there! I only just recently have started a new city on this server, and just now joined the forums. I hope you'll forgive the newbie questions I'll have!
  12. Tournament question

    Hi! I'm just wondering how far in the game I need to be, to be able to play in tournaments?
  13. change user name

    Is it possible to do so in game and/or forums?