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  1. Discussion Runeshard Changes

    That's a very nice change ! Now there's something that would actually complement it: make it possible to convert broken fragments into a full runeshard even when the circle is actually complete already. Right now, on most cities, I get ~10 broken fragments a week (or more), that I can do...
  2. Best chapter to at which to stop

    In order to want to compete for top ranks in the FSA, the prizes would have to be worthwhile. Right now, they're of such a "meh" variety that most fellowships will decide: why bother. I get my 3 maps, fill up a few other points for fun, and be done with the whole gratuitous exercise.
  3. New Game Features remove the 8 seconds wait time at the first wall in the spire

    Does anybody feel like this waiting period serves any useful purpose ? it's just annoying, sitting in front of the screen, waiting for the 8 seconds to pass...
  4. Best chapter to at which to stop

    I'm not quite sure stopping will do any good. The main source of frustration is usually the slowness of progress, no new things to experience, slow settlement productions. Difficulty of balancing production. Stopping only means you catch a breath wrt balancing production, and eventually having...
  5. User Interface Add tick box to the "cancel production" dialog box

    Also remember that we're talking about a new feature. If you don't use it, you won't get into trouble. you must be this tall to tick that checkbox ;)
  6. User Interface Add tick box to the "cancel production" dialog box

    well, if you could already cancel all productions of the same length in one go, that would be very useful. Or just add a confirmation requester for productions that have already gone for >3h or over ½ their time. I think it would cover all bases. Remember you would already have to tick the box...
  7. User Interface Add tick box to the "cancel production" dialog box

    Reverse of what we have for initiating production on manufactures, workshops, settlement buildings (and armories on the mobile app). When you select a producing building, you would be able to tick the box (not on by default) and cancel all the productions of the same type in one go. Rationale...
  8. Cannot reproduce [38106] Question mark instead of „goods“ icon

    I've seen question marks pop up in different contexts fairly often... it's because the game didn't manage to load an asset... now the question is whether this is deterministic, or just the memory management of your game being overloaded.
  9. User Interface allow people to switch screen more easily

    one thing that slows down the game is having to go back to the main menu to do something else... for instance, you're in the tournament, you get KP, you want to spend them in research before you're >10, you have to go back to the main menu and THEN research, thus reloading your city map... then...
  10. User Interface separate quest requesters from the main logic

    One thing that would improve the game quality greatly would be to separate the quests logic. Currently, you only have ONE requester active at the time in the game. It can do other things (for instance, you can still see your inventory at the top), but you have to quit whatever you were doing to...
  11. Discussion New Feature - Fellowship Progression

    apparently all perks are still grayed out... but the daily KP to gift other players doesn't have a cost, yet it's grayed out, even for our archmage... is it active yet. I'm not even sure XP counts correctly, 750XP is a suspiciously round number. Also: how do you gain XP, besides neighborly...
  12. Discussion Balancing Changes: Moonstone Library

    Please fix the other buildings as well!!! Granted the scrolls overload affects everyone, but all high level players see the same effect with ascendant goods from the gate and the gum tree. (one of my main cities has planks/scrolls/dust as boosts, definite loser)
  13. City Heroes Forge improvement

    Well, you know how it is, there are so many things to collect on different cycles, you're rarely on time to get them all precisely when they become available.... so early collect gives you de facto a better yield. Especially for 24 hours thingy which will tend to "drift" out of available...
  14. City Heroes Forge improvement

    As it stands, Heroes forge is underwhelming with respect to orcs production. Would it be hard to give it an "early collect" feature so that it gets at least marginally more useful ?
  15. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I just hope there's a real reason for the bug, like there are some new badges or a new set of maps this time around !
  16. Communication make it possible to copy "white listed links"

    Nope, doesn't change a thing, at least on my web browser (chromium) Highlighting is still shitty, and it doesn't recognize links at all.
  17. User Interface Standardize "select text" in in-game messaging

    The UI guidelines for most systems have been as such: single click = character double click = words tripe click = whole message so far, the in-game messaging fails abysmally at this on computers. It shouldn't be hard to fix, and would help immensely in interacting with the in-game messaging.
  18. Communication make it possible to copy "white listed links"

    I understand if you don't want to make it easy to copy any kind of links, but it should be easy to exchange some kind of links in the in-game messaging system. I'm thinking - official elvenar forum links - official wiki links - google sheet links (for the adventure) - elvengems links - discord...
  19. Discussion Elvarian Games

    Anyone got the chest details ? specifically the elusive 136 chest... somehow that's the one I forgot to jot down...