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  1. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    So more work for the same reward... :/ Innogames has gone Grinch on us for this Christmas!
  2. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    Wondering about the key (event points) in the Winter Magic event? Don't we normally get one more reward per quest completed? I'm on quest 58 and am still getting 34 keys. Usually the last quest in an event (no. 75) offers about 70 event rewards.
  3. Duplicate Unable to perform neighbor help on app

    That is correct, but it doesn't really seem like a solution to the inability to provide NH to non-FS players. You are working on a fix for that, I guess?
  4. Duplicate Unable to perform neighbor help on app

    ..and after doing about 5 neighbors, it now also happens consistently on PC (v. 1.139-beta.9-(f8c31b2) - html5 (2021-10-01 10:15)
  5. Duplicate Unable to perform neighbor help on app

    Game version: v1.138.1-c6d3eaf-256 (zz 1.139) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: Android 11 Operating System or Mobile Device: OnePlus 7T Screen resolution: 6.55" 90Hz Fluid display Account name: one2many Humans or Elves: Human Reproducibility: 5/5 (1/5 = happened once; 2/5 =...