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  1. ElfMaGorr

    Discussion The Air Traders' Voyage

    To place evo building to inventory could not be complicated if it would be placed as basic building (stage 1) plus appropriate numbet of relevant artifacts. It would not even change the data model of inventory.
  2. ElfMaGorr

    City Evolving buildings teleportable at certain levels with special teleport items.

    There is another option: teleport any envolving building as the basic (stage 1) building PLUS relevant number of appropriate artifacts. Easy to implement, without any need to change data model.
  3. ElfMaGorr

    Tournament City

    It is very easy - go in research only up to IV. chapter and do NOT open optional Squad Size Upgrades (#3, 4 and 9), stop research before Squad Size Upgrade #10 - then you will need only T1 goods for tournament encountes. Build enough workshops (at least 10-12) and residences (20 and more) and...
  4. ElfMaGorr

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    After one year of experiments we are back in the old system: line of fixed 131 quests and line of daily quests and 3 treasures. Only the reward is the evolving nonsense. :) Another set of specific "artifacts".
  5. ElfMaGorr

    Fixed [29415] Winter Magic wrong text

    Asked help 3 times and needed 4 times
  6. ElfMaGorr

    User Interface Easy changes in some places

    Nice ideas, but number 3 - why not to show the tournament time directly - there is place enough
  7. ElfMaGorr

    [FA] Lock in Fellowship Advetnures waypoint

    I support this idea but with OPENED way points as default option
  8. ElfMaGorr

    Trader Auctions

    Why? In the case of auction you will have no possibility to choose who will receive artifact offered by you.
  9. ElfMaGorr

    Trader Auctions

    There are a number of objects (e.g. Artifacts for some evolving buildings) that some players do not intend to use and others would appreciate them very much. Therefore, I suggest to add the possibility not only to disenchant such objects for spell fragments but to offer them to others for equal...
  10. ElfMaGorr

    Fellowship Adventure badge pool

    I support the idea of FA badge pool with the access only to players who have already placed 1 badge in map as proposed by @PrimroseSylvia. In such situation, badges from the pool could be placed in map only by mages and archmage.
  11. ElfMaGorr

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Any news regarding expected rewards?
  12. ElfMaGorr

    [Tournaments] Reduce Tournament encounters

    I vote YES. I fully support this excellent idea.
  13. ElfMaGorr

    Discussion Spire of Eternity

    Please, see the video at 4:15: The fight option is expected
  14. ElfMaGorr

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    Yes and no. There were no fixed price for magical building and no possibility to upgrade event buildings with diamonds.
  15. ElfMaGorr

    Discussion Royal Restoration Spell

    I read this long discussion and I would prefer 1. No more BP, only RR spells - no need for exchange 2. Total 11 RR spells in the tournament and all magical building could be upgraded just for 11 RR - no real change to actual situation. 3. RR will be needed per square to upgrade an event building...