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  1. No FA, why?

    I am playing on serveral servers and serveral Chapters. But no one hat 9 artefacts at the end. I ended up with 7 oder 8 artefacts, meaning, I got a building at 8 or 9. And sometimes I even used diamants at the end to get a building at 9! And Inno decided to lower the daily revange at stage 8...
  2. Discussion Release Notes version 1.144

    For example in German Forum there were a lot of wishes to see the RR in the HUD, cause so far it could only be seen if you went to a event buildung and there to upgrade, there you find the information, who much RR you own. And this has been a little bit complicated. Now its better and easier.
  3. Discussion Release Notes version 1.144

    I really dont know, why Inno cant inform us about this chances and lost of CCs. Often I have up to 8 CC waiting in Academy. And this new recipe makes 8 at one time! So, why cant Inno tell us, at least a day in advance, not to do CCs, cause they may be waisted by update.
  4. Black Friday sales

    But this one was the only one, I have ever seen on Beta. Its about 2 or 3 years ago and my diamands are piling up
  5. Will we be able to store AWs?

    AW and their level are also responsible for troopsizes in tournament and spire. So, if you store one or more AW just bevor spire starts, your spire and later on tournament will be much easier, cause your troopsize and troopsize of enemys is really smaller. So, wenn tournaments has started, you...
  6. Events Some new event quests

    quests should be doable also for players without a FS. Otherwise you are forced to enter a FS or you are not able to play the event.
  7. Events Some new event quests

    I appreciate that you are thinking about event quests. But many of your possibilities are none at all. There used to be quests: Accept offers from other players. But often there are no offers for smaller players that they can accept at all. Much too big. That's why it was changed to: Accept...
  8. Knowledge Sharing Fellowship Perks

    You should have in mind, that every check has to be requested to the servers and expires the dataload. Its only for 24 h, and how often is anyone changing the FS? its not often enough to change the behavior.
  9. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    so what? wait later on you have to wait for several days upgrading your main hall oder for scouting up and more than a whole week. And be prepared to have some Combing Catalysts in the aka, not collecting them. things cant be done in minutes in Elvenar.
  10. Discussion Winter Magic 2021

    Its also helpful to change the screen, i.e. go to the map oder enter spire. Get back und normally a new drop is made. And I very often get the feeling, on beginning of an events it takes some hours for the drops to get as often as I am used to.
  11. Knowledge Sharing Fellowship Perks

    This is to avoid FS to change their members on a daily base just only to get the Points for perks. Otherwise it could happen, that a player is joining a FS only for giving neigborhood help and afterwards leave this FS to make room for the next one to join and give neighorhood help again.
  12. Disappearing cities

    My experience is that certain regions are always moved, so not randomly from the entire world map, but rather certain regions.
  13. Discussion Release Notes version 1.142

    I cannot really see this icons and the differences there. Its all brown and there is no contrast, its not good for my old eyes. I dont like them. :(
  14. Coldfire phoenix in MA ?

    which new item for catering? I ve never seen something like that.
  15. Sorceries (inventory)

    Wait until al least map 2 is opend. then you will see your prices there.
  16. Knowledge Sharing Fellowship Perks

    Thats not working. You are only able to spend the extra points to wonders within your own FS. If you are trying to spend them on anything other, they will not be shown.
  17. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Question for changing rewards Normally I open up the map and everybody within the FS will get the same prices. Who is this handled by now? Does the archmarch have to decide whether old or new is been chosen? Or is every member able to have its own choice?
  18. What can I do with "spy" cities?

    Question is, what they are doing with the informations gathered? Changing their own behavior?
  19. Sorceries (inventory)

    Its also visible on Browser and, I just checked it, there is no announcement anywhere.
  20. Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    I am enyoing this change in FS, cause I need two old artifacts. Very very nice. But why is the FS delayed? Normally it starts at 11 a.m.