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  1. Fixed [37207] Chat and sounds do not work

    Game version: v1.135-beta.7-(fc41bda) - html5 (2021-07-27 11:03) Game world: Beta Browser/IOS/Android + version: same on Opera and Brave Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10 Screen resolution: 17" Account name: salandrine Humans or Elves: Human Reproducibility: 5/5 = happens always)...
  2. Fixed [28464] Beta not reachable per App

    tried to open Beta world on Tablet fire amazon it stops at 100 % an 14/16, but does not open. Same on android phone happens since about 15 h. 2 or 3 days ago update is installed. just checked: no possibility to update game
  3. Duplicate no catering within the tower of spirit

    I am able to fight, but I dont habe soldiers. So I would like to cater. But catering is gray and not available.
  4. Cannot reproduce Animation of building is missing

    all buildings, workshops, Eventbuildings a.s.o., doesnt show any animation Icon for ready produktion and icon of empty buildings are shown correctly.
  5. is there an opportunity to buy any provinces 10 % off?

    On live, from time to time, there is an opportunity to buy a province expancion for 10 % off. Now I am playing about 7 month on beta, but I cannot remember one of these offers ever. do they exists and I dont know or dont they exists on Beta? If not, I am going to upgrade my Magic Academy.
  6. Duplicate Missing double day again

    Last time event crashed and quests were gone. Also double day had been gone. Quests came back, but no return of double day. Today was also a double day, but I did not get a double day. So I missed 2! days, I need extremly, because this event I only wanted to get the main prices, the set of...
  7. Duplicate no snowflakes, no double day anymore

    I dont got snowflakes since the game crashed. :( About 4 hours now. Game reloaded in the meantime. Also the double day is gone. The machine is giving only normal sweets. This morning I used the slotmachine and I have had double snowflakes.
  8. look auf books and silk changed

    books are better visible now. but the look from silk doesnt look like silk anymore, it looks like a card box. I dont like this new look very much.