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  1. Katwijk

    Create a link to all active "polls"

    Just search for the word "vote" and the top few result titles will include the Poll flag.
  2. Katwijk

    City A way to reduce lag

    That's how it already works. If you clear your browser cache, or run Chrome in Incognito mode, loading a visited cites will take MUCH longer, because all of the building information has to be downloaded anew.
  3. Katwijk

    The Bug is being fixed!

  4. Katwijk

    Discussion Version 1.23 + Sorcerers & Dragons

    Unless there's been a drastic change, buildings always grow DOWN to the left and/or right. Stated programmatically, the anchor point for a building is alway the top corner regardless of it's size and, when you're in building mode, clicking anywhere in the building footprint will attach the top...
  5. Katwijk

    World Map Change tutorial to fix inactives

    With only two sample sets there's not much that we can prove either way BUT we do know that the game already tracks your nearest 200 neighboring cities, as potential trading partners, whether you've discovered them or not. So here's what I'm watching for, mostly because it's how I'd approach...
  6. Katwijk

    Duplicate Creating several offers

    Just maintain the same ratio as the posted trade, rounded down to whole units. If you're offering 3000 Steel for 2000 Lumber a partial purchase of 301 Steel would be rounded down to 300 Steel for 200 Lumber.
  7. Katwijk

    Duplicate Creating several offers

    To take the concept even further, I'd like to be able to allow partial purchases. I'd post a LARGE position, say 20,000 Steel for 20,000 Planks, and indicate that I'll accept partial purchases. You only need 1000 Planks, so you buy a partial lot. My posted trade would now, automatically, be...
  8. Katwijk

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.17

    Ohhhhh - that's an EXCELLENT point!
  9. Katwijk

    Contact(ed) support Chrome only corrupted Elven Object??

    Build 1.17 didn't change the pattern, sigh. I can log in using Edge so I can play just fine, but I don't have any redundancy. If the next Chrome/(PepperFlash) release doesn't make the problem go away, then I'll post a support ticket that gets into the specifics that are needed by the...
  10. Katwijk

    [Discussion] The Solution: Player Movement

    That sounds mighty like a bug. Every third row will be a city row, and will ONLY have cities, so make certain that it should be a Goldmine or a City. I'm getting a different background pattern for my Goldmines, but there's no reason to believe that the patterns would all be the same. Where...
  11. Katwijk

    Communication [Communication] Notification Screen Overhaul

    The maximum number of pages should be pretty generous. AS A MINIMUM I should be able to see EVERYBODY who helped me during the past 36 hours, so at least (25 Fellowship Members + 200 Folks that I'll want to visit if they are trading) * 36/24 = 338 entries in the visitation tab. While you're...
  12. Katwijk

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.17

  13. Katwijk

    Contact(ed) support Chrome only corrupted Elven Object??

    I'm getting the same pattern in Beta as well, btw. My advanced (Orcs - I haven't played much since July) Elven city stalls at 18/24 when I try to use Chrome, but Edge works fine My primitive Human city works just fine with either Chrome or Edge Is there ANY meaning to the 18/24 staging timer...
  14. Katwijk

    Petition for "Old Wholesaler"

    Please unsubscribe me. You must be thinking of some other Katwijk. I think the Wholesaler Piggybank should have been broken a long time ago.
  15. Katwijk

    Contact(ed) support Chrome only corrupted Elven Object??

    I'm getting a very odd symptom pattern, and I'm wondering if anybody has some good ideas. My us1 city, which is Human, works just fine with both Chrome and Edge My lower level Elven Cities work just fine with both Chrome and Edge My zz1 (Elven Faries) and us2 (Elven Dwarves) cities BOTH stall...
  16. Katwijk

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.17

    Huh?? If you're boosted in Steel, and I'm boosted in Planks, then we have a natural market. You produce and sell boosted Steel I produce and sell boosted Planks
  17. Katwijk

    Petition for "Old Wholesaler"

    They're much higher than even retails. You're paying scalping prices. Yeah - Shyster or Desperation Prices would be a better name than Wholesaler.
  18. Katwijk

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.17

    Only unboosted goods were ever offered previously, and that probably hasn't changed. Everybody gets the same offers, modified only by the level of one of the Ancient Wonders if you own it.
  19. Katwijk

    [Discussion] Release Notes version 1.17

    I like the new "missing techs" bar on the research page, but it SHOULD update when you complete a tech. We shouldn't need to refresh the page.
  20. Katwijk

    [Discussion] InnoGames TV - October Episode

    It's actually entirely the other way round. "all of them" are being informed that they will need to let the core game catch up with their cities, so that they will have a more rewarding gaming experience. I'll go back to my wagon train analogy. The scouts know a LOT of things, and will have...